Mayor Kocaoğlu: "We Cannot Explain Our Problem in İZBAN"

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who is a live broadcast guest of TvDen, stated that he wanted to establish a congress center just like Fuar İzmir and prepared the source for this investment and said, İzmir I do not want money, I do not want stamps. I'm struggling to get your permission. But it doesn't. However, they do not obstruct our desire to do business. Because I've never had an easy job. I Şerbetliy. Love the hard work; I'm not disturbing my morale, moral he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, this year held the Izmir International Fair without losing the essence of keeping up with the change, each passing year continues to grow even more, he said. Mayor Kocaoğlu said, ve It is not an easy task to convert the İEF and to bring the attraction center back. We ate the yogurt. We proceeded on the road map that we determined not to make mistakes. Developing and maintaining it as well as creating an international trade fair is quite difficult. Izmir metropolitan municipality has a great contribution to this success. Bu

Presented by journalist Mehlika Türkmenoğlu Gökmen on tvDen, SohbetMayor Kocaoğlu, who was the guest of the live broadcast in the program “Advanced”, made important statements on many issues from the 87th IEF to politics. In his speech, “You are mayor for 3 terms. A long service period. Do you have periods of apprenticeship, journeymanship or mastership? " Another Kocaoğlu answer to the question, “There is no such thing. Every day we learn something new; we are apprentices every day.

We cannot explain our problem in İZBAN
Aziz Kocaoglu stated that they could not realize some projects due to the permits which were not granted during the Presidency period and that they had done all the works of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and that they had difficulty in implementing the projects in various subjects.

In particular, 10 has started to provide service in İZBAN years ago and pointed out that the number of passengers could not be increased as much as desired. Mayor Kocaoğlu said: 'There are certain problems in our projects together. For example, we cannot tell you our problem in İZBAN for years. IZBAN's potential is 700 thousand people per day but we are carrying 300 - 350 thousand people per day. Because signaling is primitive. TCDD's task is to do this. Commuter trains will be taken from the line, freight trains will be taken into the night. Both we and TCDD have spent the world's money for this project. If we can carry a thousand passengers 700, Izmir will be relieved and we will be able to pay the debts.

When the debts are over, we will continuously finance new investments. Is everything done in such a project, but would it be expected 10 year for a signaling? Our metro is currently 21 kilometers, we are carrying 375 thousand people per day. But we can not carry passengers up to the metro in İZBAN in 136 kilometers. If the signaling changes, we will deploy more trains and the 450 - 500 will walk towards this. Sinyal

Money-stamps only want permission
Turkey Search open to the population most tax payer they are provincial, but central government expressed they could not share enough Mayor Kocaoglu, they could not allow a kind for quarantine and Mavişehir piers, despite buying new ferries expressed not able to benefit from the Gulf enough.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor reminded that they have allocated resources to ensure the growth of the city with congress tourism. He continued his speech as follows: we sit. We had a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce. We have indicated the need for a congress center. Then 'Izmir does not need a congress center. We will increase congress tourism in Istanbul, 'he explained.

But my project is ready, but there is an obstacle. I demand that the obstacle be overcome; not demanding money. Makes a congress center in Istanbul or 10. With the power of the municipality, I want to make the congress center just like I did the Fair Izmir and enlarge the city with congress tourism. My most natural right. I don't want any money, no stamps. I create my source. I'm struggling to get your permission. But it doesn't. However, they do not obstruct our desire to do business. Because I've never had an easy job. I Şerbetliy. Love the hard work; I don't disturb my morale m.

I will ask my family, my friends and the people of İzmir.
Expressing his sincere heartfelt answer to the question of whether he will run for local elections, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, lilik I will work for my party even if I am not a candidate or not. I am not clear about candidacy; I'm coming and looking, I'm looking. We're in a very busy schedule. I'm gonna meet my parents after the fair and get their opinion. My friends' opinions are very important. Most importantly, the opinions of our citizens of Izmir. From time to time we are conducting public opinion surveys on service and satisfaction. What's going on out there. I do not explain the survey at all, then the value of the survey does not remain, "he said.

CHP should take the ”Izmir model“ model
Under no circumstances will anybody go and, Will you make me a candidate? S President Kocaoğlu underlined, yap I didn't ask, I didn't ask! I don't look at those things. I didn't look at 2009; I didn't look at 2014. In 2009, I had to make a written statement to 6 months before the election. 2014'de also raised the hand of our President Binali Yildirim 15 minutes after I go and became an applicant. That day, because it's supposed to be. 1 In October, I will make a special statement to the press only. I'm not going to make a massive statement. The other kind of turn into a show, Ö he said.

Speaking about the demand for change in the Republican People's Party, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued his words:
Im Yes, there is a demand for change and I openly said it in three sentences. I made a second statement with a little more detail when she took three sentences according to her own.

There are people who say I support Muharrem Ince. They're personalizing the job. These things are not personal. Do I have a change request? There is. It may not be yours. This is definitely not about the person.

I talked with Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu many times about the need for a road map that will bring a radical solution to the problems of foreign policy, economy and terror. As long as this road map is not made, I just criticized the ruling party and told it could not be reached. I'm going to set up a DI within the deputy chairmen, and I've shared it with a few people who won't get me wrong.

15 years ago I became the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. I developed a model. Agriculture, industry, service, tourism, port; it has everything. I brought the city here. I have produced projects to increase the level of income of the citizen with a sustainable development. I want her to have a party. Here's an example. Come and see!

We have prepared 5 binding book on İzmir Model. For example, 400 million pounds by spending money we made the fair Izmir. Today it is not possible to make 1 billion liras. There is no such exhibition center in Turkey. Come see them, understand, tell organizations. But unfortunately .. In the past years I have sent 3 books to all the parliamentarians .. Regarding the strategic development projects in the region .. There was no single return from our party. But Oktay Vural had called for example. He had studied the study and thanked him. Tay

No Egom
Mayor Kocaoğlu said that he was one of the people, that his life was over and that he had never run from work, olduğun I love people. I've never had an ego. My father was like this; he always walked forward. They called him 'Steep walking, Big Brother.' "Mature spike stops himself," he would respond. Everyone can reach me. He can say every word. Solution-oriented work, do not make any distinction, nobody, language, religion, sect, political party, region, city, town, not to allocate, you see them ordinary, "he said.

I don't get stuck on anyone's tail
No one is not a man, the politician did not do politics, the general situation of the country and the importance of establishing peace with every opportunity they know, shared with citizens who expressed what they expressed the Izmir Mayor said:, I know I do right. But if I find out it's wrong, I'il be back. I don't discriminate. I don't get stuck on this, nobody's tail. Not until today. I have no team or anything. Support me if I'm doing it right. If I'm wrong, don't.

Every human is precious; It is special. 'I can not do other than me mayor' is egodur, burst of self-confidence. I haven't decided yet. Nobody learns the mayor's house in his father's house. This makes people who have a certain experience, who are willing to work and who are not dreamers. They must also have specific personality traits. Even if I'm a candidate or I'm a candidate, I'm going to work for my party, even if it's pre-election or not. Ay

Izmir is not the castle of CHP
The CHP is not the stronghold of Izmir, the local elections, the mayor of the president who says the great importance of President Kocaoglu, the CHP voters will not go to the polls due to the resentment of the June elections after the June 24, "Party member CHP criticizes, acts brutally but Gets morning game. Party dressage requires it. Specific criteria must be taken into consideration when determining mayor candidates. No place is a backyard.

İzmir is not the CHP's stronghold at all. Yes, CHP is strong in Izmir. Everyone has the right and freedom to be a candidate. Whether it is a member, a delegate or a head office; It is useful for those who will choose to be careful. You may not lose, but you will weaken. The important thing is to successfully kazanis mak. Good luck to all the candidates; I wish them all success. All the best,” he said.

Upright posture against manipulation
At the end of the program, ”Which is the most important job that you say you gave me? Soru Responding to the question of President Aziz Kocaoglu, said: dedi All of my work for me is precious. Environmental investments, rail system investments, new ships, purification, road, canal, water .. Nationalization of 4 thousand houses in Kadifekale, Inciraltı City Forest, Wildlife Park, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Abla ,Ağabey yeniKardeş Project, Süt Kuzusu , support for agriculture ..

And of course the Gulf. Although they are on their way today, it smells like the arsenic in 2008. With the color of the Gulf when I took office, its present state, with the results of the laboratory .. We have made huge investments to protect the gulf. We continue to do. We also overcome the problem in Üçkuyular. We have completed the project, now we are going on the construction tender. These things start on the eve of election. They can have other things tomorrow.

But we sincerely, in good faith, to overcome all kinds of problems, and we are trying hard to overcome. We haven't lied to anyone in 15 for years. I love my country, my city, my people. I'm happy to be helpful. If I point 6 months, I can not point and my compatriots also give authority, I will work 5 years. I wish that my fellow citizens of Izmir will not stand up to the perception management, manipulations and stand up and fight as much as I do. İzmir

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