Old Pedestrian Bridge at 42 Evler Crumbles

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality built a new and modern pedestrian bridge at 100 Evler location of the D-42 Highway. The destruction of the old pedestrian bridge next to the bridge continues. Following the completion of the demolition of the old bridge, the construction of the middle stairway facing the D-100 Highway will begin. The new pedestrian bridge was in use at the Feast of Sacrifice. There are stairs on both sides of the bridge and three elevators in the middle.

Izmit D-100 The Metropolitan Municipality, which built many pedestrian bridges of various sizes on the highway crossing, provided the flow of pedestrian traffic throughout the city center divided by D-100. The pedestrian bridge connecting the 42 Houses and the Kandıra Mountain region is made of steel. The pedestrian bridge crosses the Salim Dervişoğlu Street and the D-100 Highway and the railway and extends to İzzet Uzuner Street.

88,5 METER
The pedestrian bridge with a total length of 88,5 meters was built in 3 meters wide. There are elevators on both sides of the bridge. While 255 tons of steel materials were used in the scope of work, 540 meter bored piles 400 cubic meter concrete and 45 tons of rebar were used for the foundation.

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