Transportation Diversity Provided in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has encouraged people to use sustainable transportation methods such as walking, public transportation and bicycles, aiming to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Within the scope of the prepared transportation master plan, the city, which makes the 50 kilometer-long cycle path in the city center, has put into practice plans to expand the public transport network and provide alternative traffic flow.

In order to support sustainable transportation across the province, the Metropolitan Municipality encourages the use of public transportation and bicycles, in public transport stops, buses and trams; citizens distributed information leaflets describing the benefits of public transport.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department organized an event titled için Sen De Pedalla for the Future Sen to draw attention to the importance of bicycle use.

An awareness event was organized at the bus and tram stops for the use of public transportation vehicles, which were blindfolded with wheelchairs for sympathy to problems faced by disabled citizens.

In order to increase healthier and more livable areas in Gaziantep, the Metropolitan Municipality has been working towards achieving the goal of reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions by encouraging people to use sustainable transport methods such as walking, public transport and cycling.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin stated that they have implemented the plans to provide alternative traffic flow by expanding the public transportation network with great courage and said: lar The city needs serious bicycle routes and we had to make serious and radical decisions for the construction of bicycle paths. We switched to the intelligent transportation system that connects the public transport system to the bicycle path system. We built the 50 kilometer bike path in the city center and set up terminals in the university line and prepared the technological infrastructure to strengthen the line here. Şehir




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