Small Ali Osman Akçaray Happiness

📩 24/12/2018 17:16

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. General Manager M. Yasin Özlü welcomed the little Ali Osman and Dizdar family, who were interested in Akçaray, in the headquarters building. General manager Ozlu, Ali Osman and his family toured the control center and tram maintenance workshop. Welcoming Ali Osman and his family in his office at the end of the trip, Ozlu gave the model of Akçaray to the little Ali Osman.

General manager Ozlu, Ali Osman's family, '' God willing Ali Osman will be one of the engineers who make the future tramway '' conveyed his wishes. Özlü expressed satisfaction with the positive effects of Akçaray on the people of Kocaeli, which became the symbol of Kocaeli, and said that they were happy for Ali Osman's interest in Akçaray. The family of Dizdar posed a souvenir photo.

After he left the headquarters building, Ali Osman met the citizens. Ali Osman's excitement, happiness and glare in his eyes were worth seeing. Akçaray's first voyage to go with the mother to the instructor's seat next to his mother Zeynep Hanım lived with the request of Ali Osman was fulfilled.

İzmit Kadıköy Ali Osman, one of the 4 children of Zeynep and Cemil Dizdar family who reside in his neighborhood, asked his mother for a cake on his birthday. His mother asked Ali Osman which painting he wanted on his cake. Anne Dizdar showed cartoon characters, toy cars and Akçaray, the pupil of Kocaeli as an option.

Ali Osman, Akçaray'i seeing, '' I want this, '' he said. At the request of his mother Ali Osman, he ordered the cake with the Akçaray painting on it from the pastry shop. The next day when the cake came Ali Osman was expected to be surprised. When Zeynep Hanim and Cemil Bey called Ali Osman to the room where the cake was located, the little boy who saw Akçaray suddenly flew with happiness. Do not want to cut the cake due to love Akçaray Ali Osman, mother and father insistently cut the cake, celebrating the birthday of the family.

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