CHP, Çorlu Taha Lost Her Mother in a Train Disaster

The family of Bahar Koçman who lost his life in a train disaster in Çorlu is waiting for the state to extend a helping hand for his grandsons 6. CHP Kaftancıoğlu'nun visited by Ali Kocman, his daughter's death after the death of the application was rejected due to missing premium days, he says.

CHP President of Istanbul Province Canan Kaftancıoğlu visited families who lost their relatives in a train accident in Çorlu. Kaftancıoğlu, the CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu penned letters to the citizens who lost their relatives or injured in the accident delivered.

The Koçman Family, which Kaftancıoğlu visited, is only one of these painful families. Ali Koçman lost 25 year-old daughter Bahar Koçman in the accident. Taha, the 6-year-old child of Bahar Koçman, now lives in Küçükçekmece with his grandfather and grandmother. Ali Kocman, a sad father who struggles with material impossibilities, says that Taha's grandchild for Tami's future demands death allowance after her death, but this request is negatively answered.

The death pension is not linked to the insurance premium day is missing

Koçman requested assistance from the CHP provincial chairman Kaftancıoğlu. Tal My daughter Bahar has been working as an accountant for many years. 821 appears working day as insured. Last week I went to SGK for a death pension. They said 'there must be at least 900 days, we can't do anything'. I have custody of this child. Right we will look quite right. It's too small. At least we wanted this pension for his expenses. 3-4 cannot get this salary for months. This issue makes something for those in our case, maybe the state. My daughter didn't normally die. That accident was neglected, out of control, irresponsibility. Our hands are tied and our voice is heard. El

CHP will give the law proposal on the subject

CHP'li Kaftancıoğlu also said they would provide a law proposal for the elimination of such problems by taking into consideration the special situation of the citizens who lost their lives in the train disaster. Kaftancıoğlu said, göre A disaster in the eyes is not an accident but a murder. There's a chain of negligence. Don't wreak havoc on people's wounds by disguising natural disasters, protecting those responsible, and covering up irresponsibility. Each family that died in that disaster, their family, they have relatives. Uncle Ali's extremely human demand is a problem that can be solved in minutes for the state 5. We will do our best; we will raise this issue everywhere, especially the Assembly. I will share this issue with our President immediately. We are all responsible for the future of this tiny child who has lost her mother. Ann

From retired train chief to TCDD

Another family that Kaftancıoğlu visited was the Seven Family. Selahattin Seven, who lost his wife Zübeyde Seven in the train disaster in Çorlu, now lives in Istanbul Küçükçekmece with his daughter and groom. Seven people who have been injured from many parts of the body in the accident cannot walk yet due to fractures in their legs. Seven years, who was treated in the hospital for about a month, says that even his wife passed away and learned that days later. The Republic of Turkey Railways (TCDD), a former train conductor who retired after the Seven Selahattin accident is one of the biggest frustrations for many years where he did not ask to call itself the task from TCDD nobody. Seven, “Even one of the officials from the Railways, where I worked without coming home in the snow, rain and mud for days, did not call to express my condolences. We have seen neither disasters nor rains, but we have not seen such an accident. How long have we gone in the rains more than this. It's not an accident, it's just murder. This is imprudence, lack of business. "I have no faith or trust in this state and this institution anymore."

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