Mayor Kocaoğlu Created Agenda on Ben TV!

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, Ben TV Fair SohbetIn his program, he made important statements on many issues from politics to the tram. Here are some selections from the President:

  • I have not been neither Baykal, neither Önder Savcıcı nor Kılıçdaroğlu, nor Muharrem İnce. The Adamist political society takes the party and the party to different places. I do politics for my country. If there are other candidates and I am dedicated, my race will continue. If I am not, there is no race. ”
  • There were other sponsors in the fair, did we prevent it? Now we have 3 sponsor companies. If these were 30 or 40, IEF would be a completely different place. I invite the business community to be a sponsor for the next year.
  • We are satisfied with the tram, but despite all the warnings, we see parking in the right lane in Şair Eşref. Traffic is not up to us, you know. Authorities need to prevent this.
  • We are doing the feasibility of establishing a new line for Çiğli Aritma, which will be an alternative to the Grand Canal Project.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Fair SohbetHe answered journalist Erol Yaraş's questions and made important statements about the agenda and politics.

Stating that they are increasing the momentum of the 87th Izmir International Fair gradually, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that, as in recent years, participation in the Fair is again at a high level, “There is a culture, art, show and entertainment dimension as well as trade, industry, technology and economy. . We bring many activities that cannot be seen with money to the feet of our fellow citizens from Izmir. We do some of this through our sponsors. This increases the attractiveness of the fair. ”

Answering the question about the "Fair sponsors" which were brought up from time to time, the Metropolitan Mayor said, "Did we have a sponsor, did we prevent it? Now we have 3 sponsor companies. If these were 30 or 40, this would be a completely different place. Izmir is just recovering its economy. In a city that has been crushed for a long time, sponsorship is of course difficult. However, while the economic life in the city is gradually reviving, the number of people who will sponsor the Fair and similar organizations will increase. I invite the business world to become a sponsor for the 88th IEF to be held next year. ”

Noting that IEF has undertaken an important mission in terms of both the promotion and integration of countries since its establishment, President Kocaoğlu said, “For example, the fact that India came to Izmir Fair this year and introduced itself and became the 'focus country' here shows that the fair also has commercial benefits. Already last year Russia kazan"India does not come here without examining my work," he said.

Parking problem in the poet Eşref
In his speech, the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor who drew attention to the 'parking' on the route of Konak Tramway, said the following about this issue:
“While we were planning the tram, we especially focused on Poet Eşref and discussed it a lot. That's why we started the tram work a year later. We said, 'There is parking on Şair Eşref Boulevard today. The road has two lanes. A lane flows and municipal buses and private vehicles go. If we do the tram, there will be no parking here. If there is no parking here, a single lane will work again before the tram and the tram will run more easily. ' But when we look at the application, we still see parking in the right lane despite all the warnings. Traffic is not up to us, you know. Authorities must prevent parking in Poet Esref. 'No parking, where to park?' Nobody has the right to develop discourse with his approach. There is parking and empty at that time. People flee for convenience. Then there is a problem. Every job has an adaptation period. We follow it meticulously. We are satisfied with the tram. This satisfaction rate is gradually increasing. At the moment, even around 1 buses were withdrawn from the roads. We have been making preparations for a long time against the rapid growth of traffic and the increase in the number of vehicles with the transfer system, strengthening the rail system and sea transportation. When I took office, the Bornova-Üçyol subway carried 140 thousand people. Today, we carry around 70 thousand passengers with the rail system. Signaling is very primitive in İZBAN. If this problem is overcome and the flight frequency decreases to 800-4 minutes, we carry an additional 5-300 thousand passengers. Imagine that so many people started off with special vehicles. The city would be uninhabitable. The mobilization of people is increasing, and we are trying to cure this by strengthening the transportation network. ”

An alternative to the Grand Canal
Reminding that they have been making rain water separation lines for 5 years in the city, Metropolitan Mayor said, “For example, we built a stream of 28 million lira under Samsun Street, where there is a problem in every rain in Gültepe. Then there was not the slightest problem. We also separated the rainwater and sewage water of the region. We are trying to spread this work across the city. But the Metropolitan Municipality has to produce an alternative to the Grand Canal Project. We are also doing his work. While the Büyük Kanal continues to operate, we have to implement a new system, which can be a tunnel, in a more developed way. "We are making the feasibility of establishing a new line to Çiğli Purification with a tunnel system that will not receive salt water from the sea, will not be affected by nature and will not pollute the nature by making very few connections."

CHP should produce 'right solutions'
On a question about the 'split structure' in the CHP, President Kocaoğlu emphasized the importance of bringing a solution proposal in addition to the criticism. Kocaoğlu said:
“I love my country, people and my city, and I do politics for this and I am the mayor for this. I love my party too. I have a destruction for my party not being able to produce politics on certain issues and not finding solutions to the problems of the country. Of course it bothers. Look against America, against Russia, to support the Republic of Turkey against any country extremely accurate. Our CHP President also did this. We said that it is compulsory to enter Afrin. But when the Justice and Development Party made a mistake in foreign policy, it was necessary to develop policies regarding what-because the consequences of the error would harm the country and what should be done to avoid this and share it with the public. It makes no sense to speak without producing the right solutions. Explanations are made regarding the economic problem. Okay, right. But did you put another model against this model? If you put a model in front of you and said, 'We suggested them, but the central government did not listen. If he listened, these would not happen to us. But since it came and our country, our people are being hurt; Then we are with our country, 'Did you say? He always says the second CHP, but the first one does not. You will first set a stand and road map to trust, people will trust and vote. Then you will be in power and you will try to solve the problems of the country by applying the road map that you promised and persuaded people. The country's problems are obvious today. Foreign policy, economic policies… Whatever happened to us came from these. Did you produce an alternative to it? No! 'Terrorism will be resolved in Parliament.' How will it be solved well? It is necessary to set a road map. Terrorism is one of the most important factors that draw us from our troops. ”

Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Didn't you have a dialogue with the President about this issue? to the question, "It was countless. I shared this with him. I told the public at Saturday events. Until 3-4 years ago, I was not specifically talking about general policy. I am talking because I could not bear it lately. ”

Kocaoğlu also evaluated the CHP's failure to reach the desired result and continued his words as follows:
“These things happen with the staff. It will make in Turkey, the CHP voters, members, there is a huge mass of believers. But these people are not dealing with politics. He has several reasons. Even if you cannot put these people into politics, you should at least benefit from your savings. ”

I do politics for my country
Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “It was very talked that you were side by side with Muharrem İnce on 9 September and you have not made a statement about the candidacy yet. What do you say?" He answered the question: “First I will decide whether I will be a candidate candidate. If I am, I will go to the pre-selection. If requested, tendency polling, training polling etc. done. This is purely Headquarters discretion. I have been sitting in CHP's No. 15 public seat for 1 years in politics. Istanbul and Ankara resign by elected presidents, currently in Turkey, where a number of local people choose a manager I 'I. I will carry this label until the end of March. I did not do any man-like politics. I don't! I was neither Baykalian, Önder Savcıcı, Kılıçdaroğlu, nor Muharrem İnce. Support if I am doing business for the benefit of the country. Don't support my brother if I don't! The Adamist political society takes the party and the party to different places. Principles are important. Unity must be right, unity must be in principle. I do politics for my country, I do it in CHP. If there are other candidates and if I am a candidate, my race will continue. If I am not, there is no race anyway. ”

Stating that the project, which remained in the UK during his term, was a 'solid waste disposal facility' that was delayed due to the lack of a suitable place and the lawsuits filed afterwards, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “There is also the late release of the EIA report in the Gulf. We finally went out to bid. KazanThe moment the company starts working. Of course there are points that conflict with the tube gate and they will resolve in time. Gulf crossing will become mandatory for İzmir in time. It will not be useful today; 5 years later, 10 years later. What goes through my heart is that this entire transition is a tube. We made that suggestion. However, this doubles the cost. Maybe after the economy recovers a little more, it will all be passed from the bottom," he said.

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