Award to Metro Driver to Prevent Bad Time with Attention

Self-Carrying-Work Union, Ankara Metro, serving as a homeland and wagon fire extinguishing the fire by preventing the union member Huseyin Aydin rewarded.

Hüseyin Aydın, who served as a driver in the Ankara Metro and was a member of the Öz Taşıma-İş Trade Union, prevented the disaster with his attention. Aydın recently realized the Kızılay-Batıkent expedition and, upon realizing the smoke coming from the lower part of the subway, was evacuated. Mustafa Toruntay, the Chairman of the Öz Taşıma-İş Trade Union, gave an award to Hüseyin Aydın for his subway driver.

President Mustafa Toruntay made a short speech at the award ceremony held by Kızılay Metro; Inden Hüseyin Aydın, one of the members of our union who carries our lives, carries our lives and carries our lives, prevented a disaster with its attention and cold-blooded behavior. Our member who noticed the fire coming under the car suddenly evacuated our citizens without causing any panic and gave the necessary information and realized the first intervention. Prior to this, a member of EGO who served as a driver on a bus to our hospital, a passenger who was ill-evacuated and saved his life. We also rewarded this behavior, and today we have a gift for our precious member Hüseyin Aydın on behalf of our union because of his attention and devotion. Biz

Metro Operation Manager M. Emre Cansev, who attended the award ceremony, gave a certificate of appreciation to Aydın, the train driver.

The ceremony held; Vice President Murat Şimşek, our union representatives and our representatives and a large number of members joined the union.

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