3. New Tourism Facilities at 2019

90 million passengers will host annual investments when it is opened. ISTTA President Halil Kormaz said, ler We expect to open new hotels in 2019 IST.

The first stage 29 will be launched in October 3. The airport is on the radar of domestic and foreign investors. Istanbul Tourism Association (ISTTA) President Halil Korkmaz, 90 million passengers in the first place is expected to host new facilities for the airport to open up the perception of investors said, "2019 new hotels will be opened in the fall," he said. Ulus Garden and social facilities will be located on the land of the Atatürk Airport, which can be used more efficiently expressed Korkmaz said: inin Transportation of the airport in the region, but not a disadvantage, advantage. There's a congress valley in that area. If congress tourism is revitalized, hotels around AHL will benefit from the advantages of congress tourism. Kongre


Noting that Turkey Korkmaz also applies to Istanbul tourism's positive trend in tourism, "according to room occupancy in Istanbul in July 2016 2% reached in July that 80 Taking the floor, he added.

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