3. 32 Billion TL Corruption Claim in Airport Tender

CHP Deputy Chairman Aykut Erdoğdu announced the corruption at the third airport, which came to the agenda with worker actions. Erdoğdu, 'Made corruption TL equivalent of around £ 32 billion is up about 5 percent of Turkey's public budget. This amount is the highest consistent corruption we can detect after the Türk Telekom privatization tender, 'he said.

The third airport, which came up with workers 'killings and workers' actions, is now the subject of a major corruption claim.

CHP Deputy Chairman Aykut Erdoğdu stated that major corruption was done in the third airport where workers who were reacting to working conditions and sheltering conditions in the past few weeks were arrested. said it should be started.

Despite this, Erdoğdu stated that the location determination was made on May 2, 1, approximately 2015 years after the tender. This is an unprecedented situation. No groundbreaking has been observed in a project that has not been determined. ”

“What does it mean to locate 2 years late?” Erdoğdu asked, “Since these two years have not been handed over, both the construction period and the operation period have been extended unjustly in favor of the operators against the public. Since this place has not been delivered, 2 billion 2 million Euros have been taken from the pocket of our people and put in the pocket of these contractors. ”

“We have heard that, apart from 2 billion 90 million euros, contractors are permitted by the administration that other 2019 billion 2020 million euros, which must be paid in 2 and 90, will not be paid and will be added at the end of the period. I ask this to the Ministry of Transport, is this feeling correct? ” Erdoğdu, who asked, explained that one of the most important cost items of the construction is the embankment to be made, for this, the tender was made for a height of 90 meters, but this was later changed to 60 meters.

After this change, Erdogan, 2,5 billion euros in the cost of the drop fell and this money is transferred to five contractors said.


The workers at the third airport, which is also the subject of a major corruption claim, reacted to the working conditions on 14 in September and started the action late at the same day after the gendarmerie attack.

24 of the detained workers were arrested by court order.

Source : haber.sol.org.t is


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