3. Airport Public Transportation Auction Canceled

It was learned that the tender for 'Luxury Transportation with Luggage', which was opened for public transportation to Istanbul 3rd Airport, which had few days to open, was canceled.

In order to ensure the transportation to the Istanbul New Airport, the first stage of which is planned to be opened on October 29, IETT General Directorate of Public Works went on line leasing tender for the establishment of the “Luggage Luxury Transportation Lines with Luggage” on September 4. With the bid of 475 million 488 thousand liras, the consortium of HAVAŞ, Altur Tourism and Free Tourism companies won the tender. Within the scope of the business, transportation will be made with 10 buses on 18 lines to be established in Istanbul for 150 years from the airport opening date.

SözcüAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli, however, it was learned that the tender was canceled due to the public interest. According to the information obtained, the companies that participated in the tender yesterday were informed that the tender was canceled orally and that the tender date will be announced again in the following days.


CHP's IMM Assembly Member Tarık Balyalı said, “The tender is canceled on the grounds that there is no public interest. We are of the opinion that there is no public interest in this tender. There is a limit to bias. Personally, I actually do not see any public benefit at the 3rd Airport. The built airport is far out of the city and with this construction, the environment has been badly damaged. The construction of the subway is still not finished. There is no public transport. Istanbul residents who want to reach the airport on time will arrive here under really difficult conditions. As a result, the wrong account returned from Baghdad, but this will bring new problems with it. ”


Three bids were submitted to the canceled tender, namely Altur Turizm, Havaş and Free Tourism consortium, Platform Turizm and Sarılar Turizm. The tender commission was deemed invalid by Sarılar Turizm's offer. Turex Tourism, one of the companies invited to tender, announced that they did not bid because they found the costs too high. Istanbul Public Transportation, which was invited to the tender, did not submit any offers.

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr

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