Today in History: 27 September First Passengers in 2017 BTK Railway Project

BTK Railway Project
BTK Railway Project

Today in History
27 September 1825 First passenger train commenced service. The British engineer George Stephenson produced a steam locomotive, between Darlington-Stocton and the 24 km per hour. 450 quickly passed as the first train to date by carrying passengers.
27 September 1971 Van-Kotur line was completed and opened at a ceremony held at the Turkish-Iranian Railway Van Ferry Pier. The opening ceremony was attended by President Cevdet Sunay and Shah Pahlavi. The discovery was made on the Turkey-Iran line xnumx't.
27 September 1972 Electric train started to work in Ankara Suburb (Xinjiang-Kayas).
27 September 2009 10. Transport Council held.
27 September First Passengers from 2017 BTK Railway Project Arrived in Kars from Georgia

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