2035 Transportation Master Plan Studies Continue in Bursa

The Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, who continues to meet with the citizens through the Bereket Sofrası application, stated that the 2035 Transportation Master Plan is continuing and said, Bursa It should be the road map of a person or institution. Otherwise, he is thrown to the left as if he were being held. On the one hand, while drawing a road map, on the other hand, we are implementing an emergency action plan. Bir

Bereket Sofrası, where Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş met with the citizens at the same table and listened to their opinions and thoughts, was established this week in Kurtuluş Mosque in Gürsu district. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who came together with the citizens after the morning prayer, welcomed the morning breakfast consisting of tea, bagel, cheese and olives. sohbet made in the environment.

“We are working on Master Plan“

Addressing the citizens after breakfast, Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, 'Gönül sohbet He said that they wanted to meet with the citizens after the morning prayer and listen to their views and express their excitement. Stating that meeting with citizens in the most fertile hours of the morning brings peace and energy, Mayor Aktaş stated that Gürsu is one of the rapidly developing districts. Commemorating Cüneyt Yıldız, who lost his life as a result of an armed attack, with mercy, Mayor Aktaş stated that Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık also contributed to the district by working sincerely and resolutely. Explaining that the Metropolitan Municipality provides services to 17 districts, 1058 neighborhoods and 3 million population, Mayor Aktaş said, “Since the day we took office, we have been working tirelessly in all districts like a bucket in Bursa. We are serving. We want to reveal the beauties of Bursa and its districts. We are working on the 2035 Transportation Master Plan. There are great projects in it. A person or institution should have a roadmap. Otherwise, it is thrown left and right like a lodosa. While preparing the road map on the one hand, we also implement the emergency action plan. "We run short-term business without interruption."

”Our breath is gradually opened“

Underlining that they carry out all the works with the culture of consultation within the team spirit, President Aktaş said that it is possible for Gürsu to grow a little more than the 2035 Master Plan. Reminding that Gürsu should never get away from agriculture and measures should be taken against it, President Aktaş said an We know that Gürsu has some issues related to the reconstruction which has not been solved for years. We are serious in this regard. We work enthusiastically as a team. Of course there will be troubles in the growing cities. The problem is to eliminate the problems together. Developing the city in every field. We have infrastructure, knowledge and skills. We will develop them with the support and contribution of our people. We know the expectations of our citizens. Our breathing does not become increasingly clogged, but rather opens gradually. Long-distance runners adjust their breath well, and their lungs run. If the breath is not set, the 300-500 is blocked after the meter. We are also setting our breath very well in terms of municipality. We only have one problem. Bursa and the districts get more beautiful, Bursa he said.

Emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity, Aktaş said that the greatest value in this land is unity, togetherness and brotherhood.

Mayor of Gürsu Mustafa Işık told that Mayor Alinur Aktaş brought service to district without rejecting his demands despite difficult conditions. TOKI Remaining the road to excise road reminding Işık, 20 Kent Meydanı unresolved years since the Metropolitan Municipality has expired with the help of expropriation said.

Su Investigation at the Gürsu Junction “

The program, in which AK Party Gürsu District President Zekeriya Hacıoğlu, district organization, municipal bureaucrats and neighborhood headmen also attended, continued with a question and answer session. After the program, President Aktaş, with his accompanying people, Gürsu Junction, which was completed recently, examined the hospital road and other works on site. Receiving information about the works from the municipal bureaucrats, Mayor Aktaş also listened to the opinions and thoughts of the citizens. Expressing that they are continuing their work quickly by accepting traffic and transportation as a priority in Bursa, President Aktaş said, “The works have been completed at the main point of entry to Gürsu via Bursa-Ankara Road, which is known as Gürsu Junction, which was recently completed. There was a serious improvement. There are some minor troubles. We have consulted with our mayor of Gürsu, our AK Party district chair and the municipal bureaucrats. We discussed how improvements can be made. We will make the junction more organized and beautiful with the touch-ups we will make. ”

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