Local and National Brand Our First Tram: ım Silkworm Yer

Under the leadership of Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe and Durmazlar Machines produced by Turkey's first domestic silkworm tramvayı-.

Bursa Municipality, which has been investing in rail systems for many years, produced 2010 pieces of silkworm with the contribution of local tram project, which started to cooperate with Durmalar Makine in 20 with the inconvenience of metro and tram wagons being taken from abroad at very high prices. These trams are currently operating in Bursa.

All Turkish engineers including Style design, Steel construction design, Chassis system design and Electrification design, mechanical parts and digital technologies Durmazlar The silkworm developed by the machine was completed using 56% domestic material as a result of years of hard work of 60 person R & D and 2,5 person production team. Finally, the original traction systems developed by Aselsan were also used on the tram to increase the domestic contribution rate.

The tram, which has a capacity of 250 and can climb the 8.2 slope at full capacity, attracts great attention in Bursa. The 5 separate brake module ensures that the vehicle with a loaded 50 tone stops at maximum 46 meters in an emergency. If any of the modules fails, additional protection systems are activated. Producing 20 trams and giving them to Bursa Municipality DurmazlarDeveloped the trams and sent 12 to Kocaeli and 8 to Samsun municipalities with Panorama brand. Currently, 38 domestic and national trams are in service in Bursa, Kocaeli and Samsun Municipalities.


Body structure: 5 cab, with 4 hinge, flexible type

Length: 27700 mm.

Width: 2400 mm.

Height: 3400 mm.

Internal floor height: 100 low floor

Door entry level 350 mm.

Number of passengers: 58 standing + 224 standing = 282 passenger (8 passenger / m2)

Air conditioning: 5 ceiling

Side windows: 5 + 4 mm., Heat glass, tempered, securit, color

Front glass 4 + 4 mm., Laminated, color

Power requirement: 750 V DC

Bogie type: Flexible type

Bogie layout: Motor-Carrier-Motor

Brake system: Hydraulic drive disc brake system (service brake)

Magnetic brake system (emergency brake)

Vehicle weight: 34 tone, without passenger load (empty) 51 tone, normally loaded (6 passenger / m2)

54 tone, exceptionally loaded (8 passenger / m2)


Bogie length 2600 mm.

Bogie axle axis 1800 mm.

Primary suspension with rubber elements

Secondary suspension with rubber pneumatic springs

Wheel diameter 600 mm (new), 520 mm (worn)

Axle load 8 ton-seating flat loaded case - 9.5 tone - normally loaded case

10 tone-overloaded case

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Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:07

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