Judiciary, Ankara Courthouse Demolished Transportation Transfer Center said to stop

Ankara 11 Administrative Court, Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch of the Ankara Courthouse demolished the case against the transfer center to transfer the case, decided to stop the execution. Ankara Chamber of Chamber of Architects decision, "blocked the access of courthouses to the plan changes that can cause irreparable damage to the court, which warned that the court, the state of law to stop the elimination of trying to break up," he said. This decision prioritizes the public interest, Bu he said.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects carrying the jurisdiction of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Sıhhiye, within this scope approved by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council 14.02.2017 date and decision 360 E: 1.00 Yençok: Free construction conditions ıh pedestrian, vehicle, public transport connection and entry-exit, transfer, subway, dolmuş, bus, ropeway, monorail, Ankara transportation storage, underground multi-storey car park çok and similar uses in the determination of the zoning plan changes and Ankara Formation as a Palace of Justice plans to change the zoning plan He had opened.

Ankara 11. The Administrative Court decided to stop the implementation of 7559 / 6 scale 1 / 5000 scale 1 / 1000 scale and XNUMX / XNUMX scale implementation zoning plan changes in the XNUMX island XNUMX parcel in Ankara Altındağ region on the grounds that it is not suitable for urban legislation, planning principles and public interest.

Contrary to urbanism and planning principles

President of the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch President Tezcan Karakuş Candan said: ılığı The fragmentation of the judicial structures, which are the spatial equivalent of the legal system and the fragmentation of the legal system, is a spatial expression of the difficulty of reaching the law. In this context, we have stated many times that the structures of law in the urban spaces are not accessible and that this fragmentation mentality will make the transportation system and the access to the law inextricable, and Ankara's transport infrastructure and traffic are not available. The court considered the expert report and stopped the transfer of the Ankara Court House. This will come behind. Bun

”Everyone will be in the path of science one day, no other way out“

Candan, the court grounds esas Although the defendant administrative authority, the expert report was challenged, but the objections of the report is not defective in nature, the subject of the plan changes in the framework of the zoning legislation and planning principles evaluating the expert report is considered, zoning legislation, urbanism principles, planning principles and non-public interest It is concluded that the change of the plan which was formed by the decision of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council on the date of 14.02.2017 and 360 is clearly unlawful. On the other hand, considering the fact that the subject matter of the case is a general regulatory procedure, it is clear that if applied, the compensation will be difficult or impossible. For the reasons explained, the subject matter of the lawsuit is open to the unlawful; 2577 of law 27 can cause damages due to compensation if applied. It was decided unanimously to stop its execution without taking any guarantee in accordance with Article.

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