Volvo And Yapıray Signature In Senegal High Speed ​​Train Project


Turkey's leading construction company Yapi Merkezi Insaat ve Sanayi A.Ş. (YM) and ğu Train Express Regional (TER) Linking Dakar-AIBD'n project carried out by the Ordinary Partnership established by France's long-established construction company Eiffage continues. In Dakar, the capital of Senegal, the construction process of the high-speed train line that connects the Blaise - Diagne districts continues at full speed. YAPIRAY Railway Construction Systems Inc. which is a YM group company. Volvo has preferred Volvo ABG7820C asphalt pavers in its line construction.

YAPIRAY, who specializes in railway systems, has undertaken the contractor of a high-speed train project that will connect the regions of Blaise-Diagne in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. 1998 has been working together with the French company Eiffage for the project that was founded in December in 14. 55 is projected to be completed in 41 months. YAPIRAY, who prefer ABGP7820C asphalt pavers from Volvo machines, especially for asphalt group equipment, plans to use 9 meters with maximum paving width and 20 m / min paving speed and short term commitment period.


The Volvo ABGP7820C is powered by the Volvo D900E COM 1800A / EPA Tier 170 engine, which produces 7 kW power at 3 per minute with high-quality, environmentally-friendly, efficient, high-tech materials. With the SMART POWER feature developed by Volvo for asphalt paving machines, the machine can make optimum asphalt paving with minimum fuel consumption and makes a difference with its low operating cost. Another important feature of ABGP3C is X EPM II - The Electronic Paver Management System in. Thanks to this system, all components on the machine which can make fast and precise asphalt paving can be controlled and adjusted easily by the operator. In addition to the system, the auxiliary control panels and MOBA control units located on the machine's table also help to make a perfect asphalt pavement.


ABGP7820C asphalt paver, ABG 3-6 meter, ABG 3-7.5 meter, ABG 3-9 meter table options offer the model option for all paving widths required. The large material bundle of 13.5 tonnes provides a continuous flow of material towards the tray side, with independent feedable material displacement conveyors. This feature allows continuity in production. Volvo ABGP7820C, 300 mm with maximum paving thickness, 2925 mm length and the tension can be adjusted automatically, electronically controlled, with an independent pallet system with precision driving and 325 mm pallet width provides excellent production. The new Volvo ABGP7820C offers high and perfect production in all asphalt paving operations, with vibratory knives, electric knife heating, hydraulic adjustable augers and many more unique features.



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