Target 2040 for Spreading Bicycle Use in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality hosted the workshop organized with the participation of local and foreign experts within the scope of "Izmir Metabolic Bicycle Network". In the workshop, where the targets of 2040 were discussed, suggestions were made to expand the use of bicycles in İzmir and make it a transportation type.

WRI (World Resources Institute) Sustainable Cities Turkey, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized in cooperation Fabrication "İzmir Bicycle Metabolic Network" workshop, was held at the Historic Gas Plant. The Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who made the opening speech of the workshop where the ideas were put on the table in order to make the new bicycle paths to be held in İzmir in the coming years with the participation of local and foreign experts. Sırrı Aydoğan said, “The more the Izmir gets stronger in its bicycle network, the more it supports environmentalist practices. As a municipality, we are committed to expanding the bicycle network. In our culture, bicycles were seen as a recreational vehicle for children. 60 years ago, if they told me that the bike was a means of transportation that would ease the citizens, I wouldn't believe it, or rather I wouldn't think. "

Bike use will become widespread with proper planning
Helene Rekkers, Director of the Dutch Embassy Economic Business Network Director, said that the purpose of the event was to sustain a sustainable and livable Izmir. Giving examples from the two countries, Rekkers said:
“The Dutch are famous for their bikes and cycle paths. Although Amsterdam is considered a bicycle paradise today, buses, trains and cars have been used as a means of transportation for many years. However, the city's rulers decided to change. With the development of bicycle roads, tourism has increased and this has become attractive to tourists. Amsterdam used the cycle path project well, but Beijing, the capital of China, has not been able to work there since it has not traditionally built bicycles on the bicycles, although it has traditionally been using bicycles since the past. Unfortunately, bicycles have disappeared from the city. Beijing was filled with cars and air pollution increased. Now they are trying to return to the time when the bikes are busy. My suggestion would be to work on the dream of expanding the bike in transportation. ”

Cities also have metabolism
World-renowned architecture firm's founder Eric Frijters Fabrications, also drawing a city of gold that metabolism is just like people, WRI's Sustainable Cities Director Dr. Turkey Güneş Cailmez stated that the air of İzmir will be cleaner, tourism activities will increase and the land value will increase in the city with the “Metabolic Bicycle Network”.

One of the 4 projects
Netherlands Creative Industries Fund and The Netherlands in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Design Through Sustainable and Inclusive Cities" conducted under the project titled and famous architectural / planning firm Fabrications and WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities was developed in partnership "Izmir Metabolic Bicycle Network" project, to get support from Turkey was among the four projects awarded. With this project, a strategy for 2040 year was prepared and the aim was to encourage more efficient use of resources by introducing other functions in accordance with the strategies and projects of the city.



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