The Message of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan

Dear Citizens,

We understand the people of the country where the ravens are reconciled, the resentment ends, and the people are reunited with their loved ones. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Mubarak's Eid al-Adha with the hearts of my heart and wish for peace, peace and prosperity for our country, our nation, the Islamic world and all mankind.

Dear Citizens,

Let us not forget that this holiday is an occasion, an opportunity to wrap all our wounds. Because feasts are an opportunity to consolidate our brotherhood, unity and unity. Holidays are the days when love, compassion, loyalty, compassion and solidarity reach its peak.

However, in these exceptional days when family ties are strengthened, to be more careful, more responsive, while observing the traffic rules to the fullest extent; I'm particularly tempted by the fact that the vehicle is not used in sleepless and tired.

I hope that this beautiful holiday excitement will cheer our hearts and that the quarries will not go out with the mistakes made on the roads.

I would like to congratulate Mubarak's Feast of Sacrifice again with these feelings, my colleagues, and our nation, and I would like to present our fathers with love and respect.

Nice holidays Nice

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