Towards a New Era in Public Transportation in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which tries to gather the unions and cooperatives that provide public transportation services in districts outside the center, under the umbrella of ESHOT, conducts this process with city-specific “participatory and sharing” methods. The new model will be an example to Turkey about the personally carried out the work of Mayor Kocaoglu, with almost minibüsçü trades "one to one" talks.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu has started to work on the calendar of the "transport cooperative and unions involved in the municipal public transport system", which was opened with the new law article published before the June 24 elections.

With the regulation in article 14 of the Law on Amending Some Laws, according to the article 5216 of the Metropolitan Municipality Law numbered 7, upon the proposal of Mayor Kocaoğlu, “income related to those who will be injured from transportation unions or cooperatives, municipal budgets, public transportation services free or at a discount support payments can be made. ”Thus, unions and cooperatives that provide public transportation services in the districts were opened to work under the umbrella of ESHOT.

Continuing this process with “participatory and sharing” methods that suit İzmir, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to inform the minibus shopkeepers, whom it frequently comes together. Finally, inviting minibuses working in Urla and Seferihisar regions, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu explained the system they want to implement and how the process will work. Answering the questions of the minibus shopkeepers one by one at the meeting held in the Metropolitan Assembly Hall, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We will implement this system. "All provinces, especially Istanbul and Ankara, will be transferred to the same system without losing much time."

We will be an example to Turkey
Under the metropolitan roof of unions and cooperatives that have been doing public transportation for many years, with the criteria of ESHOT; Stating that they want to establish a system where their work will not deteriorate and they will work more disciplined and more regularly, and bring a breath of fresh air to the transportation system, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “In every district, the Metropolitan Municipality will determine and manage the garages, routes, departure times and fees. We strive for a system where the municipality will conduct safer and more comfortable travel within the rules set by the municipality, and many things from the age and quality of the vehicle to the clothing and training of the driver. When we achieve this, Turkey will have taken more samples for a signature model, "he said.

They laughed under a mustache, but ...
Answering the questions of the minibuses, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor said, “We have no intention of playing with anyone's bread. It never happened. If you have not learned our goodwill and sincerity for 15 years, it will not be learned from now on. We said 'yes' in all the works we have done so far, if our citizens have an interest; otherwise we said 'no'. The same is true today. ”

Chairman Kocaoglu said:
“When I said I was going to develop agriculture, they didn't laugh under the mustache, but today they say, 'If Aziz has promised, he will do it and in our favor.' The same is true for our urban transformation projects, which include 5 residences in the first place. We work by giving justice to everyone, without leaving justice. This job will be late sooner. If it is early, we will not interfere; we will leave the citizen alone with you. We will only be controllers. But if it is late, we will necessarily put vehicles on those lines. Because the citizen wants public transportation. We have not been involved in this business so that it is not played with your bread until today. If necessary, we start the trip to 597 villages at once; the municipality has this power. But in doing so, we play with the bread of about 30 thousand people together with minibuses, their families and those serving the industry. Is this true? Is that conscientious? Does this suit a mayor, local government? I will act according to my own conscience first. We want to walk along this path together. ”

Step by step solution
Pointing out that the biggest obstacle in front of the new system they want to implement is “passengers who are transported free of charge by law”, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “With the new legal regulation, we have become 'able to pay income support for those who are free or reduced from the municipal budgets, public transportation services”. . We want to integrate the cooperative and unity vehicles into our transportation system with maximum efficiency. We will leave the collective transportation outside the 11 central districts to the cooperatives and unions altogether. Thus, we will prevent the 'waste of resources' due to parallel works of the Municipality and tradesmen. ”

“We are ready” message from minibusers
Representatives of public transport cooperatives attending the meeting said that they would do their best to support the new system that Metropolitan Municipality wants to establish. A significant number of minibuses declared that they wanted to be “immediately” involved in the system.



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