Kanal Istanbul for the first date of the shoot was determined

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum made statements about the agenda. The Minister also answered questions about the organization of the Istanbul Canal.

Turkey's efforts so far continues conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for Canal Istanbul project were followed closely by the entire country, because it is the largest project.

In his statement, Minister Murat Kurum gave place to the Kanal Istanbul project, which is expected with great curiosity and excitement. When it was completed, Turkey's dominance in the straits kazanThe project, which will help to save money, is also a great economic kazanIt will also have three doors.

“In the 100-Day Action Plan on Land Registry Fee, we have announced that we will make arrangements regarding the receipt of real value. We will start the editing process of this issue as soon as the Assembly is opened.
both more income will consist of a mortar we get real value out of their land registration fees in Turkey will cease inequality there. After the establishment of Emlak Bank, we think of nice projects that will please the citizen. Our work on Kanal Istanbul continues. The first pickaxe can be hit there in November. ” said.

Channel Istanbul Length will be 43 Mileage and New Istanbul will be established on both sides
Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum made a statement in the previous statement: “This is a very important project that will add value to Istanbul and our country, which we will call the project of this century.

43 is a long-distance, horizontal architecture on both sides of the channel, 4 does not exceed the solid, within the fair, university areas and university areas of all kinds of education, research, R & D work can be done places, social reinforcement in terms of, our children, young people will spend time, We hope to establish a modern two cities that hope that they will be housed in them.

This is not a new population in the city, it will be the residences that will be used in the reserve point of the buildings that we can say damaged or that need to be demolished. In this context, we will quickly prepare our 100/1 thousand scale plans within the first 100 days and we will try to quickly implement the sub-scale 1/25 thousand, 5 thousand and thousand scale plans in the process. ” He shared the details of the project.

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