Transportation Control in Fethiye is Under Female Managers

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which added to the structure of 13 female driver in the positive means of discrimination against women and public transportation vehicles, has entrusted women to such units as public transportation, parking and transportation planning by doing discrimination in Fethiye.

Muğla metropolitan municipality, with the purpose of ensuring women's participation in the transportation sector, with the aim of ensuring greater participation of women, the Mugla Metropolitan Municipality, which serves the 13 female driver, continued her positive discrimination towards women in the Fethiye district. 3, who works at the Directorate of Transportation Department of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, serves to Fethiye and Seydikemerl for 4 years in public transportation coordinator, parking coordinator and transportation planning.

Doğan said, oluy The support of the tradesman makes me enjoy doing my job Doğan

Munise Doğan, Coordinator of Public Transport at 37, who is responsible for all municipal buses and private public buses in Fethiye and Seydikemer districts, said: However, with the support of our trades, I am doing my job with the help of our staff. The positive responses of the citizens, especially my colleagues and the motivation of my friends is increasing. The mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, who gave me this duty by trusting me. I would like to thank Osman Gürün and the head of our department. Osman

Süle says, gibi Service to Fethiye seems to serve my family Sü

Fethiye Coordinator Buket Süle said that it is very important for him, said: Uz We work day and night to make the traffic safer with parking applications. Especially during the tourism season, there is more vehicle density. I'm happy when I'm in front of the congestion here and it's like I don't serve my family to have such a service to Fethiye. That's why I do my job. Like any working woman at home, I have responsibilities waiting for me, but both work and home life is difficult, although I do not force me to work alone on women's work alone. In particular, our Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün's positive discrimination by trusting us, one of the biggest reasons for our business life to be successful, '' he said.

Kaya, orum I approach the issues with female sensitivity kadın

Transportation Planning Officer Hatice Tekdemir Kaya stated that he is a city planner and therefore he approached the subjects with female sensitivity and stated the following;

Orum I am the Transportation Planning Officer of our Fethiye and Seydikemer districts in Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. With the establishment of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in these two districts, the main planning work on transportation was initiated. Turkish women are deservedly deserved in the community. Osman Gürün, such as women who trust and positive discrimination on this issue is thanks to the leaders. When we are in front of us, we can accomplish everything and we can be good managers. I am happy to work here and I will continue to think and serve in all aspects of the work given to me with female sensitivity, as it has been to this day. Çalışmak



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