TCDD Opens Tender After Trden Accident in Çorlu

TCDD opened a tender for the maintenance of the railway line, where the train accident occurred in Çorlu, where 25 people died. It was decided to renew the tender that was canceled 18 days prior to the accident, since the "allowance allocation order was not issued". The second tender for line maintenance and stone wall works will be held on August 16, 2018.

Hug Corlu occurred near the village and the train crash that killed 25 people drowned in Turkey laws.

After the accident, TCDD's related departments “Halkalı- It was revealed that he started to work for the Interpartile Culvert Maintenance and Stone Wall Works ”in January and drew the projects and prepared a tender file.

The tender, which was approved on June 7, 2018, was decided to be held on July 6, 2018. However, the tender was canceled on June 20, 2018, 18 days before the accident. The reason for the cancellation of the tender was “No appropriation allocation order”.


According to the news of Mehmet Demirkaya from Habertürk, TCDD approved the renewal of the canceled tender 17 days after the accident. According to the tender announcement given, the tender canceled on August 16, 2018 will be renewed.

To be held in Haydarpaşa Station building “Halkalı According to the tender information of Muratlı Culvert Maintenance and Stone Wall Works ”, culvert maintenance works consisting of 13 items have to be completed in 300 days. The village of Sarılar, where the accident occurred, was located about 17 kilometers from Muratlı.


Istanbul with 8 passengers and 362 personnel on 6 July Halkalı5 wagons of the train, which came from Edirne / Uzunköprü to go to Istanbul, were derailed near the Çorlu Sarılar village, 25 people died and 123 were injured. It was announced that the accident occurred when the soil between the grille and the rails was discharged by rainwater.

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