Where Can I Buy TCDD Ticket?

TCDD computerized ticket sales point
TCDD computerized ticket sales point

with emphasis on the railway transportation in Turkey is no longer reachable by train in many places. If it is difficult for you to get the ticket from the internet or go to the TCDD box office, it is enough to come to PTT workplaces. Nothing like traveling by train. given the importance of rail transport in Turkey and this type of train transport in recent years due to the development in many places you can get.

So where do you get the tickets? If it is difficult for you to buy the ticket from the internet or go to the TCDD box office, come to PTT workplaces. Your transaction is completed in a short time without any documents required.

You received the ticket, but your plans have changed. PTT establishes TCDD tickets. You can even change the route, travel date or time on PTTs.

For now, only trains belonging to TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş carry out passenger transportation on TCDD lines and with the liberalization of TCDD, private companies will now start to operate their own trains by using TCDD lines.


Electronic Passenger Ticket Sales-Booking System, in short, EYBİS with this method you can get your ticket discounted with your credit card from the internet. If you want to find out how to buy a train ticket online HERE You can learn in detail by clicking.

The second way to buy a train ticket is to buy your ticket at TCDD ticket offices. For this, you can go to the Train Station or Station according to the intensity of the train on the day and time of departure. TCDD The opening hours and phone numbers of ticket offices HERE You can learn by clicking.

TCDD The third management of train tickets is to call the Call Center. TCDD call center telephone number 444 8 233 (444 TCDD) d.

You can easily buy your own tickets from the train stations located at stations and stations, just like bank ATMs. Train stations and stations located in Trenmatik are as follows;

stations with train stations

The fifth method of buying tickets is the agencies that have an agreement with TCDD. These agencies HERE You can learn by clicking.

TCDD DDY Tickets

The last management of the train ticket is the PTT branches and in accordance with the contract signed with the General Directorate of PTT, ticket transactions (sales, refunds, changes) are made from the PTT branches that are open to the online system and included in the system.

To learn the PTT branches where ticket transactions are made CLICK HERE!

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