Sivas Ankara YHT Flights should be launched at 2019

The XMUMX rail road of the Sivas Ankara 405 km road has begun and the 2019 2 is scheduled to stop at the 9 station during the hour trip. After Ankara Elmadag Kirikkale Yerkoy Yozgat Sorgun Akdagmadeni After the Stars will reach the province of Sivas. Fast-track settlements will provide both commercial and socio-cultural value to the cities of these cities will be more effective when the promotion of tourism to stimulate the economy of the country will provide added value to the workforce of the companies can create a workforce that can create production more efficient in these countries to become more efficient efficient stopping the increase and providing incentives to other provinces will provide the balance in population distribution.

The importance to be given to Sivas and Kayseri, which is the gateway from Ankara to the East, has the desire to move forward in the fields of science and education with its industry and technology with the transportation that will enable better development with the society that creates the country mosaic.

The high-speed train is part of it. Such investments will not only increase the level of welfare of our society, but also Tüdemsaş will be in Sivas. The shortening of the distances in the transportation sector will be of great benefit in the transportation and transportation of finished and semi-finished products.

Abdullah PEKER
President of Transport and Railroad Workers Union

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