Police Team in Siirt Inspected Public Transport Vehicles

Siirt Municipality Municipal Police Inspection Teams, weather conditions on seasonal normals experienced in these days, the citizens more convenient and comfortable transportation services to benefit from public transport within the city has made the control of the air conditioner.

In Siirt, where temperatures are above seasonal norms, our municipal police teams speeded up their inspections upon the instructions of Mayor V. Ceyhun Dilşad Taşkın. The crews, who acted in order to make the citizens more comfortable and comfortable to use the transportation services, checked the air conditioners of the public transportation vehicles one by one. They warned car owners who didn't have an air conditioner or operated the air conditioner.

Providing explanation on the subject, the Directorate of Police said, “We are making our warnings about vehicles that take more than the capacity or do not move on time. Despite the warnings, we take criminal action if the rules are not followed. We are continuing our efforts without interruption in order to keep any situation that may hinder the peace, health and safety of our people under control. Our police teams will continue to work from time to time in order to increase the quality of service provided to our citizens and achieve the standard with the controls they make on public transport. We serially evaluate the complaints from our citizens. In order for these practices to continue regularly, our inspections will be continuous. ”



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