Signalization Study for Traffic Safety in Karaman

Karaman Municipality conducts horizontal and vertical signaling works in order to make urban transportation safer.

The teams connected to the Directorate of Transportation Services of Karaman Municipality have accelerated the signaling works required for the safe transportation of vehicles and pedestrian access within the city. As a result of the high temperature values ​​especially in the scope of studies, teams renewing the road signs that are deleted in time, the traffic lights, road signs are completely overhauled. Drives are warned by plates showing pedestrian and school crossings.

Karaman Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan emphasized the importance of traffic signaling in terms of transportation safety of the citizens and gave the following statements about the studies carried out: . High quality and high quality asphalt and pavement work have made significant progress in the overhead and overpass works. We have now accelerated the signaling work required for the safe transportation of pedestrians and vehicles. In this context, we are conducting a series of works such as maintenance and repair of existing traffic lights, renewal of lost road lines, and erection of traffic signs where necessary. Bu

Prof. Çalışkan emphasized that it is very important to obey the traffic rules; Orum I would like to ask our citizens to comply with traffic signs and markers, in particular, to drive pedestrians at pedestrian crossings, not to park their cars at parking spots, and to ensure that the traffic rules are complied with. We prefer to use public transport as much as possible and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption by contributing to our country's economy M.

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