BursaRay's New Wagons on Rails

BursaRay, operated by BURULAŞ, plays a very important role in public transportation. Thanks to the rail system, thousands of people are able to access the city's east-west axis smoothly and quickly.

Some requests can be raised from time to time to make this service even better.

Recently, one of these requests was published in the Sözsizde Köşeesi of Olay Newspaper.

A reader of the newspaper stressed the need for new trains.

In Sözsizde Corner, prepared by Günay Yumruktay, today, Bursa's transportation company, BURULAŞ, responds to this demand.

BursaRay's new wagons on the tracks
Hello, Günay Bey. 4 August On 2018, the article titled “When will we see the new wagons on the rails ğ published by you in our column is examined by our institution.

The latest 60 rail system vehicle for BursaRay is made in Turkey and Bursa. The 60 vehicle has been delivered to our company. We have taken the 51 of the vehicles to our facility, and we continue the necessary testing and commissioning of the remaining vehicles.

We are organizing additional 4 flights to BursaRay in the morning in the morning. Our technical preparations for lowering the interval intervals to 4 minutes continue.

For this reason, we aim to increase the number of wagons and voyages in the near future by providing more comfortable and faster transportation for our passengers. We are trying to use our facilities in the most efficient way and we continue to improve our sensitivity to our passengers day by day.

In this context; We put the "winter schedule", which was implemented during the school's open years, into practice in the summer months when the schools were closed. Thank you for your interest and interest, and wish you good work.

Caner Adsay BURULAŞ Press and Public Relations

Source: www.olay.com.t is



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