Salihli's Dream Project Prepares for Opening

📩 23/12/2018 17:17

İzmir-Ankara highway by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the construction of the bridge continues uninterrupted construction studies Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, said the overpass will be opened as soon as possible.

Mayor of Salihli Zeki Kayda, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is described as the death junction of the ongoing construction work in the construction of the intersection of Köprülü Junction. President Kayda said that the landfill of the landing ramp in the direction of Ankara was completed and that the ground improvement works for the landing ramp in the direction of Manisa-İzmir were continuing.

“Human Life is More Than Everything”
Mayor Kayda stated that fatal accidents will come to an end thanks to the crossroads. An For years we know that there are fatal accidents at four junctions in Salihli. When we discussed this issue with our Mayor Cengiz Ergün, we showed that human life is more important than anything and we made a very serious investment. We have been working day and night for the change and development of our Salihli since we took office. Our overpass in front of the four-way junction and the garage is rising rapidly. I think he will come to an end after the feast. Good luck to our Salihli. We have implemented projects called lamaz Can't be Done ecek. Marketplace, Fairy Tale Forest Park finished, rain water came to an end point. Most of Prestige Streets have been completed. This overpass changed Salihli's vision. I would like to thank our Mayor Cengiz Ergün and his team and wish our bridge intersection to be beneficial. ”

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