Free Public Transport in Adana

Adana Metropolitan Municipality will organize free bus service to the cemeteries on the eve of the day, provide free public transport service during the holiday, and provide free sacrifice in mobile slaughterhouses.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed its preparations for the celebration of the Eid al-Adha in peace and security, will organize free bus services to the graveyards on the day of the conquest, maintain free public transport throughout the holiday and provide free sacrifice in the mobile slaughterhouses.


Adana Metropolitan Municipality teams, in accordance with the instructions of President Hüseyin Sözlü 21-24 August will be celebrated in all units before the Feast of Sacrifice took the necessary measures. Metropolitan Municipality teams, who work in cemeteries for cleaning and disinfection work, have equipped the martyrdoms with flowers and Turkish flags.


On the Arife day, Buruk, Kabasakal, Asri, Küçükoba and Akkapı will organize free bus services to the cemeteries. The Metropolitan Municipality will continue to provide transportation services for elderly citizens and people with disabilities who have difficulty in walking in golf courses with golf carts and passenger cars. Municipal buses, on the eve of the old province and cemeteries between the ring between the hours 07.30-17.30 will perform. 4 will continue free public transport by public buses and metro during the feast day.


Metropolitan Municipality, sacrificing the sacrifice of the citizens of healthy and hygienic environment to fulfill the sacrificial animals in the center of Seyhan, Yuregir and Cukurova district 4 will provide free sacrifice in the separate center. On the first 3 of the Feast of Sacrifice, experienced butchers, who will serve in the mobile slaughterhouses of the Metropolitan Municipality, will slaughter the sacrificial slaughter in accordance with their religious duties and deliver them to the citizens. Center of sacrifice, center of Seyhan, between Teachers Boulevard and highway highway exit, 2000 Evler District Bulent Ecevit Bulvari Gülen Ozkan Mosque in the area, Yüreğir Sinanpaşa neighborhood next to Yüreğir Bus Station, Cukurova District Huzurevleri District Ismet Atli Boulevard in the olive grove will serve.

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