On-Site Inspection of Turgutlu's Multi-Storey Intersection

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which is under construction at Turgutlu, is located in 2. Fevzi Demir, Head of Road Construction and Repairs Department of Metropolitan Municipality, who has examined the stage, responded to speculation about the works. half that allowed the construction speculation as it would be difficult to complete Iron indicating that tried to create, noting that the project is one of Turkey's largest sunk-output junction, "the contractor after the infrastructure to complete the displacement of other institutions and our company will provide the remaining work to serve our citizens by completing a short time " said.

In order to prevent the loss of life and property in Turgutlu and to reduce the intensity of traffic to the minimum level, the first stage of the Multidisciplinary Interchange and Road Application Project, which started to be constructed in Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the district, was opened with the participation of Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. The construction of the project, which was started on the D300 highway known as the İzmir-Ankara highway, brought the traffic safety to the highest level with the first phase of the project. For the end of the modern intersection longing that the district residents have been hearing for years, the project's 2. The work in the stage continues uninterruptedly. In this context, Fevzi Demir, Head of Road Construction and Repair Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, has been working together with the Road Branch Manager Kurtuluş Kuruçay and the contractor firm 2. Investigated in the stage.

Responded to unfair criticism
2 of the project. Fevzi Demir, Head of Construction and Repairs Department of Metropolitan Municipality, stated that there is negative public speculation about the stage. Et Before the Ramadan Feast with the participation of Cengiz Ergün, our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, Turgutlu Katlı Intersection Project 1. The stage was completed and opened to traffic. From time to time we get a set of sensations. We hear negative criticism that construction is left unfinished and it will be difficult to complete. Those who make these criticisms, I'm sure they have not put a nail on the wall in your life. They do not have the slightest idea about how this production is carried out. Bu

”24 Worked Hours“
The first stage of the project, the contractor firm 24 watches working on the basis of Iron, X Turgutlu Multi-storey Junction Project 1. We have completed the stage in a short time such as 7 months and opened to traffic. Because here, friends do this by working on the 24 watch basis. In the first stage of this project, if our friends had followed a more normal working time, they could now see the 1. The stage could not be completed even by completing the service, hizmet he said.

”Studies are not under the control of a single institution“
Demir emphasized that there are other institutions and organizations working outside the Metropolitan Municipality at the modern intersection.'N This place is not just a sinking-out. The main road that divides Turgutlu into two. Turgutlu'yi split into two water from the drinking water, natural gas, rain line, there are many points to be displaced up to natural gas. Of course, the displacements in the sinking-out part have been completed. Therefore, studies have been completed. 2. There is a displacement work carried out by MASKI General Directorate on drinking water. Then there is a displacement work that Aksagaz should do here. Gediz Elektrik has a displacement work to do. These things are not happening today. These projects are designed to be approved by the General Directorates. Then they are making a payment. So this takes a while. operation in Turkey in this way. Not all of the other things are under our control. Neither natural gas nor our electricity is under our control. Therefore, progress is made depending on other institutions ”.

”There are no workers“
Emphasizing the unfair criticism of the work done without information about the iron, bu In addition, this job related to the contractor firm will have workers, so that this work is coming to us tomorrow. As I said just a few times, those who did not take care of these things have not been interested in these things throughout the course of their life, the ones who did not sweat. They know what's in this. A notice is posted to the workplace before each merit is issued. An announcement is issued with the signatures of the control representative. Those who are to be employed in this declaration are asked to apply to the administration. This announcement 10 will remain in the workplace at the workplace for the workers. It is then made the record that you do not receive any workers during the announcement period. This record is worthy. After that, payment is made. There has not been an application to buy a worker because of this work so far. Bugün

Information about the studies
Stating that all the works are related, Demir said, u Therefore, we continue our work here. There is a displacement of MASKI on the first bridge. Our General Directorate completed the displacement study. There was a line on the bridge that they had made temporarily to keep the city waterless. They will perform the assembly this week. As far as we are concerned, TEDAŞ approved the project related to the displacement here. They are now working towards material supply. After completing Tedaş's work, Aksagaz will enter. These are all interconnected jobs. Bunlar

"One of Turkey's largest sunk-output junction"
Iron pointed out that the project is one of Turkey's largest sunk-output junction, "Here we have a storm water line 6 kilometers. The sewer line has made 3 mileage. Up to now, a thousand tons of iron was used in 10. The excavations were carried out equal to the 10 thousand tons of trucks. There is nothing to say to them if they ignore the sweat of our fellow workers and criticize them. Burada

“No one should be suspicious“
Following the completion of the displacement studies related to other institutions, Demir added that the contractor firm would complete the rest of the works in a short time and added: geri This was one of the major goals of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Cengiz Ergün. It's not a project everyone can do. Great leaders decide such jobs. But big leaders do. The big president of the Metropolitan is taking firm steps towards completing this project. Nobody should be suspicious. The 75 has already been completed. In terms of traffic, the 85 of vehicles use this way. After completing the displacements related to other institutions, I hope our contractor company will complete the rest of the work within a short period of time and offer it to the service of our citizens Diğer.

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