No Tram, But That Sign Is That Way

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the tram to the tram stop before the arrival of a tram was placed. The overturned signpost is waiting to be lifted for days

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will extend the route of the tram in the city center. Alikahya region is one of these points. But for the new line of the trolley, there was no concrete work except for the tender carried out only in the recent months, and a tram stop sign was placed right next to the Alikahya Cultural Center, but it was overthrown. The sign is expected to be removed from where it was for days.

The Akçaray tram line, which has been implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will be extended. A preliminary project study will be conducted on the Gulf-İzmit-17 kilometer tram line. The final project of Kuruçeşme, Şehir Hospital and Alikahyastadyum route will be integrated in the form of three new lines including 8 kilometers. The preliminary qualification tender was held in the past months for the studies to be carried out. But the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli by holding the hand very quickly began to place signs of work. A tram stop sign was placed on the side of the Alikahya Cultural Center. Then the sign that has been knocked down has not intervened for days.

It is expected to be lifted over the road for days.

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