3 from THY. Documentary Offer to National Geographic for Airport

THY, 29 began to negotiate with the National Geographic to make it a documentary for the transfer of Istanbul to the new airport planned to be opened in October.

Uğur Cebeci from Hurriyet informed the audience that the transportation of the third airport of Istanbul will be a documentary.

Cebeci, in his article 'Great migration documentary will be' with the title on the subject wrote: 'THY, 29 to be opened in October to move to the new airport of Istanbul to be turned into a documentary National Geographic began negotiations. When the positive result is received, the world will be one of the biggest migrations from the beginning to the end, day and night will be drawn ğ The story will start from Atatürk Airport and when placed side by side, the 300 bin TIR convoy that will form in 5 kilometers will be told from time to time in animations. One of the 10 bin ground handling vehicles and equipment will be included in the film, with push-back vehicles pulled from one of the planes weighing 44 tons. 7 elephant weights, air transport, airplanes from the Ataturk Airport and return to the airport at the departure of the airport will be explained with interesting images. When the agreement is reached, it will be on display for more than a thousand television channels.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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