Ali Çetinkaya Street, Renovated by Museum Concept

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Ali Çetinkaya Street in the urban design project has been completed. The street where the finishing touches are made has a completely different look.

The urban design project, which was initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality to transform Ali Çetinkaya Street into a center of attraction, as was the case in Sharampol, was completed. Ali Çetinkaya Street, which was renewed as part of the East Garage Project with the slogan ı The Sun Rises from the East udan, gained a green appearance. All the buildings on the street were painted under the project. The columns on the front of the building were made of laminate coatings with compact wood appearance. Uniform signs were installed to provide image integrity to workplaces. The canopy was mounted along the walkway. While the floor was covered with natural stone, modern urban furniture was assembled. The illuminated ornamental pool, which will provide a great visual richness in the night, is also included in the project. While the finishing touches in the project are going on, the ground is covered with green carpet along the tram line.

Private individuals are not forgotten

Considering the sensitivity of the disabled in every project, the Metropolitan Municipality implemented a sensible floor in the project to enable visually impaired citizens to walk more easily on the pavements. Visually impaired individuals will be able to walk easily on Ali Çetinkaya Street without the help of anyone.

Street with museum concept

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes 'one of the most valuable corner of Antalya' will become one of the Ali Cetinkaya Street, renewed face of the city will be one of the centers of attraction. The first street designed with the museum concept, Ali Çetinkaya Street, will be the 7 exhibition cube and some of the historical artifacts from the East Garage excavation will be exhibited here.



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