Millions of Lira Investment to Solve the Transportation Problem in Denizli

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made millions of pounds of investments in order to solve the transportation problem that is among the biggest needs of Denizli, completes the projects that will overcome the era of transportation in the city one by one.

The projects of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which will open ground for transportation, are completed and put into service one by one. In this context, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the Triangle Interchange, Zeybek Bridge Interchange, Industrial Connection Bridge, Hal Köprülü Junction, Ankara Road Bridge Interchange, Bozburun Interchange and Ring Road, Akhan Bend and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Martyr Er Doğan Acar Yaya Overpass and University The pedestrian overpass entered service. The projects that brought the safety of life out of fuel and time and overturned the life of the citizens received full marks from the citizens. The New Street project, which will link the 50 meter-wide new ring road in the Üçler district of the Metropolitan Municipality and the 29 October Boulevard in İzmir Boulevard, continues at full speed.

Denizli's heart beats in Üçgen

Triangle Bridge Interchange which is the main artery in the city and intercity traffic of Denizli will be the pride of Denizli with its new and modern appearance. Located at the intersection of Izmir, Ankara and Antalya highways, the Triangle Square will turn into a magnificent work with the dream project of the Metropolitan Municipality of Denizli. The ongoing giant project in the landscaping of Izmir-Antalya, Izmir-Ankara and Ankara-Antalya directions were opened to the traffic with side roads. The city traffic started to relax with the opening of the triangular interchange at the heart.

Hal Bridge Interchange

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to make the city traffic more streamlined with its investments in the transportation area, opened the Hal Köprülü Intersection project to traffic. The project will be the connection point of Bozburun Bridge Interchange and the 50 meter-wide road planned to be the new ring road of Denizli. The bridge was constructed with art stretching technique and 3 was 3.

Traffic will be even more fluent

Traffic flow between the Industrial Connection Bridge and industrial sites built on the Izmir Boulevard at the intersection of 1st and 2nd Industries and 3rd Industrial Regions has accelerated. After the Industrial Connection Bridge is put into use, the 30-meter-wide New Street project will be launched. By providing the connection between İzmir Boulevard and 29 October Boulevard, Yeni Caddesi will allow the traffic of Ornek Caddesi, Ahi Sinan Caddesi and Merkezefendi Caddesi to be even more fluid.

Traffic is further relaxed with parking investments

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's parking investments, which have been implemented in order to further ease the traffic, are also put into service one by one. 700 May Storey Car Park with 15 vehicle capacity starts to serve in this context, while the Çamlık Storey Car Park with 245 vehicle capacity will start to serve shortly.

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