Manisa Akpınar District Train Coming to the Underpass

AK Party Manisa deputy Ismail Bilen and Prince of Mayor Omer Faruk Celik, Akpınar neighborhood was found. During the investigation of the AK Party Manisa deputy Ismail Bilen, 10 thousand inhabitants of the Akpınar neighborhood about the construction of a subway of the railway pass was given to the people of the neighborhood.

AK Party Manisa deputy Ismail Bilen and Sehzadeler Mayor Omer Faruk Celik, Akpınar visited the neighborhood visit. During the visit, AK Party Şehzadeler District President Ahmet Tonguç Bilen and accompanied the Steel. Bilen and Celik have examined the work done in the neighborhood and received information from the Headman of the Neighborhood Bişar Saknuk.

Following the examinations in the neighborhood, Bilen and Çelik visited the neighborhood headman, Bişar Saknuk and gave the gospel to the people of the neighborhood at the point of making the pedestrian underpass, which is one of the biggest problems of 10 bin population.

Akpınar District and Adnan Menderes neighborhood between the construction of pedestrian underpass works to begin the construction of the AK Party Manisa deputy Ismail Bilen isa Akpinar Mahallemiz position due to the location of a neighborhood under the railway, we live in this area because of a great problem. Our citizens living here have to walk the 250 mile because of the 4 meter. In the same way, our children, who are studying at TOKI, which is directly on the opposite side of the 500 meter, have to travel around the railway and go to their schools. For the solution of this issue, a railway crossing between 201 street and Turgutlu Street would have largely solved the problems of our entire neighborhood. In order to make this underpass, we made the necessary negotiations at the request of our Mayor to visit the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. The General Directorate gave the necessary instructions to the Izmir Regional Directorate to resolve the issue. As of now, he has started the infrastructure works to solve the issue. Hopefully, the tender process will be completed as soon as possible and the construction of a pedestrian underpass will begin. I hope that all the people of the neighborhood will be beneficial. Tüm


Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik stated that the construction of an underpass was completed between Akpınar District and Kazım Karabekir Districts in recent months. the issue had been resolved. However, the same problem had to be solved in the Adnan Menderes quarter. Last week when we visited our esteemed MP Ismail Bilen, we transferred the problem to him. Our valuable deputy immediately made the necessary attempts to resolve the issue by providing interview with officials of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). The General Directorate has forwarded the issue to the Regional Directorate of Izmir at the point of solving the problem concerning the two neighborhoods. İnshallah Izmir Regional Directorate will make feasibility studies as soon as possible and will start the tender process and ensure the sub-gate to be built. Together with the construction of this underpass, our 10 thousand citizens living in our Akpinar neighborhood will be able to pass through this lower passage safely with the opening of the hospital. Our brothers and sisters will not have to walk about the 4 kilometer way to their school. Öğrenci

Akpinar Street between Adnan Menderes 201 street and Necmettin Erbakan Sports facilities will be done between the pedestrian underpass will solve the biggest problem of the neighborhood that expresses Akpınar District Headman Bişar Saknuk, the process for the construction of the lower passage of the AK Party Manisa Deputy İsmail Bilen and Şehzadeler Municipality He thanked the President Ömer Faruk Çelik.

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