KTO Karatay Educates Graduates in the Field of Logistics and International Trade

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences within the Department of International Trade and Logistics with the requirements of the era of logistics and international trade experts in the field, sought-out graduates are trained.

Konya, which is one of the thresholds of the ancient civilization of trade, was a caravanserai in trade in all periods of history due to its presence on the Silk Road during the Anatolian Seljuk period. With its geographic location and many advantages in its history, it is still one of the sharpest and busiest points of trade, and still maintains its position as the base of trade points.

Due to its geographic location, access to Europe and the Middle East by rail, the possibility of transport of the products produced in Konya as soon as possible by air, high speed train transportation, proximity to Mersin Port, Konya's increasing export capacity, Konya Kayacık Logistics Center, which is being built, has once again put the importance and difference of international trade and logistics education in Konya.

Graduates who analyze needs
KTO Karatay University, which has shaped its academic structure and opened its departments considering the needs of the region and country, also grows the international trade and logistics department within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with the graduates who are experts in the field of logistics and international trade. Students who have the opportunity to meet with the Sector Consultancy Project with their sector representatives during their education period get 4 years of work experience as well as their theoretical knowledge and they graduate by educating themselves in line with the needs of the sector.

Correct University, Correct University
Referring to the importance of the International Trade and Logistics Department, Selçuk Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of KTO Karatay University, said, “In order for our country to achieve its economic goals, investments in the field of logistics need to increase. Logistics, the growth of foreign trade volume and foreign capital to the country kazanis one of the most important factors in In parallel with the increase in international trade volume and the removal of borders between countries, the logistics sector has gained importance recently. kazanwas. International Trade and Logistics has become one of the most important, largest and most dynamic sectors in the world today. Now, goods and services are designed in any geography of the world, produced in another geography and demanded from another part of the world. Therefore, the factor that makes companies that produce goods and services stand out and make them advantageous is speed and on-time delivery. The right product needs to be delivered to customers at the right place, at the right time, and at an acceptable cost.” He made his statements.
firms in Turkey are now open more to foreign markets; President Selçuk Öztürk said, man this process is transforming into real multinational companies by creating global brands, strategic mergers or acquisitions. değer This process will enable experts to assess the risks and opportunities created by global competition, adapt to different cultural structures and decide on and apply international marketing, financing and is increasing the need. In this context, as KTO Karatay University, we care about the sector and the right management of the sector. We are crowning our university with departments that will provide the highest level of benefit to our city and our country. KTO Karatay University, which provides the tradition of Ahilik in the connection between the business world and the students, is working on the students to benefit from the wide possibilities of Konya after graduating. Ah

30 Scholarship for International Trade and Logistics
one of Turkey's largest non-governmental organizations with approximately 20.000 member of the University of KTO Karatay University of Konya Chamber of Commerce, International Trade and Logistics Department is looking forward to a new era of students. In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Department of International Trade and Logistics will receive 30 students with 40 scholarship.

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