Transportation to Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport, which is projected as the most expensive project in the world, counts the days for the big opening, and the most curious issue of the public is the transportation. 3 built at the farthest point of the city. The lack of a rail system to carry the public to the airport is still increasing the fear of transportation.

Thus, the criticism of the billion-dollar project was quick. Republican Author Cigdem Toker'in '3. How to get to the airport '' 3. The fact that the airport will operate at least one-and-a-half-year without metro is a complete example of unplanned. It seems that the invoicing of this plan will not be so light. Ay

Here's a column by Çiğdem Toker from Cumhuriyet Newspaper; 3. 75 days left for airport opening. Turkish Airlines (THY) Chairman of the Board Ilker Ayci, talked about the difficult move operation last week at the press conference, "the opening of the metropolis 26 minutes to reach the city center," he said.

The critical element in Ayci's sentence is not the ron 26 minute un, which looks more attractive, but “with the opening of the subway Ay. Because when you look at the news on this subject is quite shy and short expressions, but the date of the opening date of the subway 2019 2020 and XNUMX head you see two dates are given.

In other words, you will build an airport that is the largest in the world (and built at the farthest point of the city), which will flow billions for this airport. But you will not have a rail system that will transport the citizen to this airport where the enemies envy us.

Is this a normal situation? What is the reason why and how to delay the rail system that will carry the people living in the metropolitan area to the world's largest airport, and how is the ground-breaking ceremony of the billion Euro subway ceremony when the small ground-breaking ceremonies are done?

The companies that make this metro, which will open in the beginning of 2020, do not have names? With Kolin-Şenbay Madencilik, which made the Gayrettepe - 3rd Airport line Halkalı -3. Is there an immunity to pass on the news of the names of Kolin-Özgün Yapı, which makes the airport line?

Doesn't it need to inform the public about a project that will affect the lives of millions of people in the company culture, where none of them boast? Maybe not. Some of them prefer a ”bit of grief el to the critical journalist by opening up a million damages for non-pecuniary damage.

Meanwhile, former Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan, on the subway construction of Gayrettepe - 3rd Airport, which the government deems it appropriate to carry out over the euro, said "999 billion TL" at the time for the tender, which resulted in 769 million 3.5 thousand Euros. (May 2016)

The journalist is curious: Is the financial profile of the construction of Gayrettepe-7 Airport, which today is 800 billion 3 million TL in the current exchange rate, is still going through the euro?

Giant capital increase
In the days when everyone is considering the losses that the economic crisis will make, some companies are increasing their capital. 3. İGA A.Ş., which consists of five companies, operates the airport. for example.

IGA, consisting of Cengiz, Limak, Kolin, Kalyon and Mapa, went into a big capital increase last week. The previous capital increase was made in December at 2017 and the capital of 2.5 was increased to 4 billion 450 million TL. The new capital increase was published in the Trade Registry Gazette of 6 August. The total capital of the company, which went on to increase 1 billion 790 million TL, thus increased to 6 billion 240 million TL.

In the company decision, it is stated that these shares, which each share a share of 358 million TL, have been paid in cash by the amounts paid as advance in the previous increase.

6 will be completed as a work of a company with an ambitious capital like 240 million TL. The fact that the airport will operate at least one-and-a-half-year without metro is a complete example of unplanned. It looks like the invoice of this plan will not be very light.

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