Obstacles Are Getting Up In Gaziantep

Gaziulaş, which carries out the public transportation operation of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, has successfully passed the testing system of the mobile application and the compatible vehicles of the new handicapped in the scope of the Gaziantep Card Project which has been designed with the aim of unimpeded transportation. As a result of the consultations with the disabled passengers, the works to be done were designed and their development was started. We completed the systems aiming at the use of public transport without the need of the attendants, and the General Manager Recep TOKAT, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Disabled Persons Yusuf ÇELEBİ and working teams came together for the field test.

In the different categories of physically disabled people, visually impaired and hearing impaired people, the solutions to the problems and problems of obstacles were examined in order to provide the optimum benefit.

The field test was carried out successfully with the participation of the disabled citizens for the features of the external voice-over systems integrated into the public transportation vehicles, the internal visual and audio information systems and the features of the disabled compatible mobile application.

We continue to realize the firsts in transportation by combining our experiences gained with each passing day with technology for an unobstructed transportation bir

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