Gebze's Two Sides Join the Bridge

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Gebze D-100 one of the largest pedestrian bridges in the city of Gebze. Gebze D-100 over the Osman Yilmaz district, built in the footbridge brings together the two sides of the district. The bridge connects the city centers for pedestrians and provides great convenience for the citizens who will use public transport passing the D-100. The pedestrian bridge, which will allow pedestrians to pass safely over the D-100, will be opened in the coming days.


The Department of Transportation Department, which made the latest works on the pedestrian bridge, completed the production of steel rope on the bridge. Glass borders and floor applications are performed on the bridge. Prof.Dr. Dr. The pedestrian bridge, similar to the Necmettin Erbakan Yaya Bridge, will facilitate the flow of pedestrian traffic between north and south of Gebze. The bridge, which will form an important transit line, will provide convenience to citizens who want to reach Fatih State Hospital.


The pedestrian bridge with an 87 meter length was made of 4 meters wide. The upper passage also includes an elevator for the disabled and the elderly. In the southern part of the pedestrian bridge, there are escalators, normal stairs and a disabled elevator. The pedestrian bridge was built to be steel-tethered with a steel upper structure. 870 tone steel material was used in the construction of the bridge.

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