Eyüpsultan Jumps in Age

Eyüpsultan; It is the attraction center of Istanbul with its spiritual atmosphere, historical and geographical beauty. The district, which is the first settlement center outside the city wall after the conquest of Istanbul, is also jumping into an era with the investments made in the transportation area.

Eyüpsultan is skipping the era with investments in transportation. Thanks to the rail system investments carried out in the district, citizens will have faster, safer and more comfortable transportation.

Expressing that Eyüpsultan will become one of the most comfortable and best districts of Istanbul in terms of transportation, Eyüpsultan Mayor Remzi Aydın said, “An important part of Gayrettepe-Bağcılar metro passes through our district. It is currently under construction and is now coming to an end. Our metropolitan municipality is considering opening it to service by the end of this year and when it is opened, our passengers going to Taksim-Şişli-Mecidiyeköy-Kağıthane directions will be able to go very easily by metro. ”

One of these investments Kabataş - Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey Metro Line. This line will be the first fully automatic driverless metro line on the European side. There will even be 18 stops, including Alibeyköy, Akşemsettin, Veysel Karani and Yeşilpınar.

With the opening of the line completely; Integration with Eminönü- Eyüpsultan - Alibeyköy tram line at Alibeyköy station, Yenikapı-Hacıosman subway line and metrobus operation at Mecidiyeköy station, Topkapı-Mescidi Selam tram line at Karadeniz Mahallesi station and Kirazlı-Olimpiyat-Başakşehir subway line at Mahmutbey station.

Another important investment is the Eminönü - Eyüpsultan - Alibeyköy (Haliç) Tram Line. When the line is completed, it will have a length of 10,10 kilometers. By safely energizing tram vehicles from the system embedded between the two rails along the line.

Thus, the image pollution along the route will be prevented. The inside and outside of the wagons will be monitored by cameras from the headquarters. Active communication between passengers and the mechanic will be provided.

The Eminönü - Eyüpsultan - Alibeyköy Tram Line, which will serve 25 thousand passengers in one direction per hour, will provide transportation to citizens from Eminönü to Alibeyköy Bus Terminal in about 30 minutes. It will consist of 14 stations: Alibeyköy Bus Station, Alibeyköy Metro, Alibeyköy Center, Sakarya District, Silahtarağa, Eyüpsultan State Hospital, Eyüpsultan Teleferik, Feshane, Ayvansaray, Balat, Fener, Cibali, Küçükpazar and Eminönü.

Eminönü - Eyüpsultan - Alibeyköy (Haliç) Tram Line is also in Eminönü Station, Kabataş - Eminönü - Zeytinburnu - Bağcılar Tram Line and City Lines Ferry Stations, with the Hacıosman - Yenikapı Metro Line at Küçükpazar Station, Beylikdüzü - Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus Line at Ayvansaray Station, and the Eyüpsultan - Bayrampaşa Tram Line planned to be built in Feshane Station, At Alibeyköy Metro Station Kabataş It will be integrated with Beşiktaş - Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey Metro Line and Seyrantepe - Kağıthane - Alibeyköy Metro Line at Alibeyköy Bus Station.

Gayrettepe - Istanbul New Airport Metro line, which is one of the biggest transportation projects in Istanbul and whose project price is determined as 4 billion 845 million 600 thousand TL, will pass through Eyüpsultan, Şişli, Kağıthane, Arnavutköy, Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece districts. The first phase of the line, which will be a total of 66 kilometers, will be completed in 2018 and the second phase will be completed in 2021.

The length of the line will be approximately 33 kilometers in the direction of Gayrettepe - Istanbul New Airport. Transportation to the city center will be 30 minutes with this metro line.

The metro line will include a total of 13 stations, including Kemerburgaz, Göktürk and İhsaniye. The first stage of 7 stations will be completed between 2016-2018 and the second stage consisting of 6 stations will be completed between 2-2018.

When the line is completed, it is at Gayrettepe with Yenikapı - Hacıosman Metro, Airport with High Speed ​​Train, Sultangazi-Arnavutköy Line, Arnavutköy, Kirazlı-Metrokent-Kayaşehir Metro and Kayaşehir, Bakırköy-Kirazlı-Olimpiyatköy Metro and Olimpiyatköy, Kayaşehir-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy Tram, in Olimpiyatköy, Kirazlı-Halkalı With Metro Halkalıwith the Marmaray Project Halkalıwill be integrated in.

In the meantime, the work of Silahtarağa Tunnel, which was initiated in order to relieve the traffic of Alibeyköy, continues at full speed. The tunnel, which is planned to be completed by the end of the year and has a total length of 200 meters, will shorten the distance between Silahtarağa Street and Vardar Street, thus providing great convenience to the drivers.

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