Electric Cars by Derindere

DMA Derindere Motor Vehicles, established by Özkan Derindere and Önder Yol in 2007, has been carrying out its activities by performing comprehensive R & D studies for many years and transforming the results of these works into products. 2013 introduces his first car in the market and put on the market.

For many years, his R & D activities through Energy Storage Systems is a technology on a global scale DME, the first TYPE driving hundreds of tool path developed by the ratification of Turkey in Turkey "first" one hundred percent aims to produce the electric vehicle.

Currently in traffic and developed electric vehicles in the 53 kilowatt hour battery capacity is available. When you charge and charge this battery, you can go 450 km. Engine power 62 kW. 160 km / h speed. They also have a lot of equipment. The DMA also gives 3 year or 100 a thousand km warranty. No harm to the environment. Features such as lack of gearshift, noise and vibration levels are almost zero, giving advantages in terms of ease of use compared to conventional vehicles.

Derindere Motor Vehicles, self-developed 100 electric vehicles with DMA technology to rent and sell offers. As a result, there is a quietly growing potential of DME from Turkey.

The most important points for electric vehicles are battery chargers, etc. As promised by the Turkish engineers, the parts that make up the brain of the vehicle have been developed. DMA is also available in a charging station network which was started to establish in Turkey.

Turkey's national one hundred percent electric vehicle technology and manufacturer of DMA, and also with the TUBITAK Marmara Research Center and National Boron Research Institute of Electrical and Sodium Boron Hydride works as a hybrid.

Source : I www.ilhamipektas.co

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