CHP's Gürer: "Problems Are Ignored in TCDD"

CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, TCDD structural changes, the institution brings with them serious problems, he said. Gürer pointed out the grievances experienced by the employees. He also stated that the accidents that cause the law in the country, the delays in the road construction works, the disruptions in the tenders, the standing works and the falling service quality should be examined and investigated.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer visited the railway workers. With workers sohbet Listening to the problems and problems, Gürer drew attention to the fact that the number of employees over 60 thousand in TCDD has decreased to 23 thousand. Emphasizing that the number of permanent employees is constantly decreasing, Gürer stated that the majority of the employees in the institution are subcontractors and seasonal workers. "Subcontractors and seasonal workers should be recruited," said Gürer.


Gürer reminded that they were hired as workers in railroads as workers after 2012, instead of civil servant status. He pointed out the heavy working conditions of the mechanics. Gürer, under the applicable law, 7.5 hours of daily 45 hours, weekly working hours of 15 hours, the working hours of the 3 hour, despite the nationwide XNUMX working with this system more than a thousand machines can not get overtime fee, he said.

Reminding that the employees of the railway were deprived of their right to wear out with a law in 2008, Gürer emphasized that the hiring of the actual service period should be given back to the railway employees.


In parallel with the decrease in the number of personnel, Gürer said that many of the corporations' specialized jobs and operations were tendered to the private sector. Road safety inspections have changed a lot compared to yesterday, Yol he said.

Emphasizing the importance of railways in passenger and cargo transportation in our country, Gürer stated that the introduction of a freight train, 330 truck or TIR, and a passenger train could function as 20 bus or 300 car.


Gürer stated that the law on the liberalization of TCDD, adopted in the year of 2013, has radically changed the structure of railway transportation. privatization has been opened. Gürer, the railroads of the countries in Europe before the liberalization method of trying to reintroduce the state, the implementation of the opposite way in our country creates a serious harm to the state stressed.


Ömer Fethi Gürer, pay Issues such as problems arising from the liberalization of TCDD, transfer of university graduates to civil servants or benefiting from the same rights as civil servants and giving back the wear share to the employees are worthy of research. Problems of subcontractors and seasonal workers must be solved. Closing stations and enterprises, 60 will be important and useful to examine the reasons for the decrease in the number of employees falling from thousands to 23 thousands, the delays in the construction works, the disruptions in the tenders, the standing / discontinued works, the examination of the countrywide ones regarding the service quality and the status of the railways ve.


After the train accident that took place in Çorlu last month and caused the death of 24 citizens, a similar incident occurred in İzmir. kazanReminding that the accident was prevented thanks to the attention of the mechanics, Gürer said, “Precautions should be taken before the accidents, not after them. Old practices should be returned to road inspections and controls," he said.

26 in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As a member of the KIT Commission in the period, TCDD and the Court of Accounts reports on the TCDD to draw attention to the problems of written questions and give Parliamentary research wanted to open about explaining Gürer said, In spite of our warnings, the authorities and the authorities continue to take the necessary measures. What is essential is to solve problems without accidents. Problems such as problems and disruptions in high-speed train lines, changing road routes, works that cannot be started although a project can be started, canceled contracts, grievances of employees should be examined, investigated and solved in the institution Yüksek.

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