Kanal Istanbul Tender Will Be Held In Autumn!

travel guide turhandan canal istanbul
travel guide turhandan canal istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Tender will be held in Autumn! : The countdown continues for the Kanal Istanbul project, where Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been trying to implement it since his time as the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Finally AK Party 6 by President Erdoğan. In the Ordinary Grand Congress, the project was revived on the agenda with the statement ası We have rolled up the branches to bring Istanbul to life “.

Kanal Istanbul Tender To Be Done In November Of Latest
In the speech he made at the congress President Erdogan "Turkey will be the largest investment in this strategic project will achieve absolutely" would certainly take a step back from the project with the express once more said flatly.

Channel Istanbul tender, especially in South Korea, Russia and Chinese companies are expressed interest in international companies are quoted by the international consortium bid. While the preliminary delegations from countries like China, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Qatar, South Korea, Japan and Russia who are willing to participate in the tender process will come and do research, tenders will be prepared according to the results of these studies in the tender.

When Will Istanbul Go?
The challenging process for the Kanal Istanbul project is shown as a tender process. After the preparation of the EIA phase and the tender dossier, the remaining process remains the construction of the contractor. Approximately 5 is expected to be completed within the year and construction of the Kanal Istanbul project will be completed.

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