TCDD 2 Zone Signal Technical Buildings Electric Line Withdrawal Tender Result

tender result
tender result

TCDD 2 Region Çardakbaşı, İlören, Reconstruction of Electricity Panels for Signal Technical Buildings and Renovation of the Electric Panels of Sincan-Hasanbey and Şefaatli-Kayseri Technical Buildings

Turkish State Railways Enterprise TCDD 2 Regional Directorate (TCDD) ATCDD 2018 Region Çardakbaşı, İlören, with the Electricity Line Construction for Sazlar Signal Technical Buildings and Sincan hHasanbey and Şefaatli-Kayseri Technical Buildings He gave the tender for the Renewal of the Electric Panels 1.044.115,00 tbsp proposal Enes Elektrik İnşaat Agriculture Livestock Transportation Automotive Petroleum and Trade Limited Company + Tezel İnşaat joint venture It has won.

The tender includes 21.500,00 kg Painted Bolted Iron Mast (BAHH) and other works. The duration of the work is 150 (one hundred and fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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