Bursa Kent Meydanı-Terminal Tram Line


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş was the guest of last night's program in Olay TV, prepared and presented by Olay Newspaper writer İhsan Aydın.

Aydın carried the statements made by President Alinur Aktaş in the program to the corner published in Olay Newspaper today.

Giving information about Bursa's transportation investments, financial statement, targets for the new period, youth and culture investments, museums and Bursa beaches, Mayor Aktaş gave the opening date of the Terminal Tram Line.

Aktaş reminded that an additional 2018-month period was given to the Terminal Tram Line, which should normally end in July 6, and added: “The tender was made and due to the objections, additional time was given. However, we are experiencing some problems with contractors. We expect test drives and wagons to enter the line like November December. I see some slow problematic works, primarily, we removed the images that negatively affected the commercial life and circulation there. Our wish is to open it like December 2018, I hope there will be no delay. " Source: Mayor gave date for the opening of Terminal Tram

Chairman Aktas also talked about the transportation: ard Everyone in Bursa speaks to transportation in first place. In our Urgent Action Plan, there were certain intersection arrangements in our targeted works. In addition, bus and minibus conversions, service plates were the subject of conversation for years. All the applications in the field were the parameters of this work. There were so many issues that we have distance, there are issues that we can not get. We wanted to make the feeling of relaxation change and transformation to the city people, and in some places we provided relief to 40-50. Our goal is to make this work to a higher level with the changes we make with the master plan we have prepared. Imiz

President Aktaş gave the following information about the Yıldırım Metro: “We received this reaction a lot in the election surface mail. In his election declaration, it was said why Mr.President announced some cities and why he did not explain Yıldırım Metro. Because the discovery did not come out. Other cities had come to the tender stage. Yıldırım Metro had one visual picture, now the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments is preparing the details of these works. We talked about these in detail 15 days ago in Ankara. Dear President, about the Yıldırım Metro, will make that statement after the discovery quantities are released. There is Dağanköy line after Emek, which is overlooked by Bursa residents, and is 5,5 kilometers long. As of 2019, City Hospital has a target to open. We need to provide its transportation in a healthy way. Will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality

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