Yapi Center Continues to Build the Fastest Rail Line in East Africa

Yapi Center is building the fastest train line in East Africa. The 1.224 km Darüsselam - Morogoro Railway Project, the first section of the 202 km total line, is the most critical part of the line. When the line is completed, the 5 part will connect Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, and at the same time open East Africa to the Indian Ocean.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the project was held in Dar es Salaam Pugu, the President of Tanzania. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, Tanzania Minister of Labor, Transport and Communications Maker Game M. Mbaraw the Republic of Turkey Darussalam Charge d'Affaires Yunus Belet, Yapi Merkezi Insaat Deputy Chairman Erdem Arıoğlu, General Manager Libby Arıoğlu, Board Member Emre Aykar and Project Director Abdullah 12 with the participation of the Sword took place in April 2017.

Within the scope of the project to be constructed as turnkey; The design speed between Darussalam and Morogoro will be built as 160km / s, including 202 km single line, all design works of the railway, infrastructure construction works, rail laying, signaling, communication systems, spare parts supply, electrification and personnel training. During the 30 monthly project a total of 33 million cubic meters of excavation work will be done; 96 pieces will be built on the 6.500 meter bridge and sub-overpasses, 460 pieces culvert, 6 station and repair maintenance workshop.

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