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Turkey visionary late for the period in which representatives from the business world economy continues to project an ordeal of BCCI, in September, will continue full rein to foreign programs. Within the scope of BTSO's Global Fair Agency and Ur-Ge projects, representatives from more than 11 companies will join 350 overseas program from USA to China, from Germany to Kazakhstan.

BTSO, which continues to meet its members with the world's most important fair organizations in different sectors, makes a great contribution to the companies to establish new business connections. Despite the attack suffered in recent years Turkey's economy towards export and production of member projects continue to develop BCCI, Global Trade Agents and Ur-D projects in September as part of preparing an intensive international program.


BTSO continues its export-oriented projects at full speed. In the first 2018 month of 7, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which signed the international program close to 30, and 11 in September, held the program abroad separately. Within the scope of Ur-Ge projects, representatives of the chemical sector in Romania; representatives of rail systems sector in Germany and representatives of the composite sector will participate in international marketing activities to be held in the US. Within the scope of Bebe ve Çocuk Konfeksiyonu Ur-Ge Project, 65 delegation will depart from Bursa for the first time to establish new business connections in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


BTSO also participated in the 'Furniture Fair' in the furniture fair to be held in China, Automechanika to be held for the automotive industry in Germany, the 'World Food Moscow Fair to be held in the food industry in Russia, and Texworld and the textile industry in Paris. It will make landings at Premiere Vision fairs. BTSO members will also take part in the Marmomac - Cersasie 2018 Fair, which will be held in the marble industry in Italy. More than 350 business people will participate in the international programs to be held within the scope of the Global Fair Agency project.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, rooms as firms in export-oriented growth point in Bursa, which is the heart of Turkey's economy, said they undertook important work. Burkay companies with international exhibitions and B2B organizations in the sector to catch up with the opportunity to closely examine the developments in Burkay, within the scope of the Commercial Safari Project 4 over the last 17 more than a thousand business people in Bursa brought together in sectors said. X With the contribution of our export-oriented projects, we have seen an increase in 5 in Bursa in the last 1.000 year, 'said Burkay. X Our export and production base Bursa plays a key role in our country's growth journey. As Bursa business world, we need to bring our products together with world markets. This country is going through a difficult period and intensely exposed to economic attacks from this period, but by producing and exporting can exit. Ğ He said.


Noting that the fairs abroad played a key role in order to access new export markets, Burkay stated that they will organize new procurement committees and fair organizations in the coming days. Stating that they will try to raise the service bar higher in Bursa as BTSO, President Burkay said, “We will continue to carry Bursa to international markets with our Global Fair Agency, Commercial Safari, qualified fair organizations, Turkish Trade Centers, Country Desks and Business Councils. Turkey's most Ur-D kurumuyuz carrying out the project. In the coming period, we aim to increase the number of our Ur-Ge projects to over 20. We will bring our city and country to their goals together with the projects that we will realize in consultation with our business world. We will continue to carry our country to the goals of 2023, 2053 and 2071 with 'export to the production', by giving shoulder to shoulder and showing an exemplary stance. ” used expressions.

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