BTSO Announces First 250 Large Firm Research

BCCI, which is one of Turkey's leading field operations and sheds light on the city's economy 'First 250 Biggest Companies - 2017' announced the results of the research. The top 250 companies in Bursa, which are on the list, reached a record level with their total turnover, added value, equity, net assets, period profit, export value and contribution to employment. Bursa business world that continues to be the driving force of the performance of Turkey's economy revealed in 2017, BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, "the best answer to production against carried out attacks against our homeland, we will give to employment and exports," he said.

'First 250 Large Firm Survey', which shed light on BTSO's urban economy, was held this year for the 21. According to the results of the research conducted with the participation of more than 1.000 companies, the total of domestic and foreign sales of the Bursa-based giants increased by 2017 by 34 and became 116,6 billion by 250. Last year, the value added by 30 company increased by 19 to 28 billion, while the company's equity totals increased by 26,5 to XNUMX billion.


The net assets of these companies increased by 2016 to TL 23 with a 81,1 increase compared to 58, while the period profits increased by 6,9 to TL 2017. The companies listed in the list of 14 billion 50 million dollars of the 12 in the year 532 billion 250 million dollars of exports of 2017 billion realized. The first 140 company's contribution to employment in XNUMX was based on the XNUMX bin limit, the highest ever figure.


the locomotive of Turkey's economy, according to city size in Bursa turnover 'First Company Survey 250 18,3 billion TL with Tofas took place at the summit. Tofaş was followed by Oyak Renault with 15,6 billion TL and Bosch with 5,3 billion TL. The mentioned 3 company was followed by Borçelik, Limak, Sütaş, Bursa Pharmacists Cooperative, Özdilek Shopping Mall, Türk Prysmian and Pro Yem.

41 NEW COMPANY IN LIST is According to the results of the research published in the 66 of the companies in the list of automotive main and sub-industry companies, 52 textile and apparel sectors consisted of companies operating. Metal, machinery and equipment and food, agriculture and livestock sectors were also listed in the list of companies 29. 250 2017 new company in the year 41 42 new companies entered the year. The number of companies with foreign capital was XNUMX.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, the results of research "If Bursa Turkey Grow Grow", he said once again reinforces the belief. Turkey's President reminded that mobilization begins with the spirit of 2017 years Burkay, "Turkey, with growth reaching performance 2017 7,4 percent the second year in OECD countries were also close to the largest growth rate among the G-20 countries. Bursa business world has succeeded in fulfilling its responsibility to crown the exemplary democracy struggle of our country with economic successes. I would like to congratulate all of our companies for the value they add to our city and our country, who are performing at record levels in all parameters including production, employment and export. Baş


Ibrahim Burkay, who stated that Bursa continues to implement exemplary projects in line with its value-added and high-technology production, qualified employment and export targets, said: We assume a role. Our projects focusing on R & D, innovation and design will create a new leap point for our companies. Ar

They had been subjected to new attacks of Turkey's economy and in the process the most powerful weapon is still producing and exporting emphasized that BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, said: "a nation from attacks that targeted our national economy, crimping and will be shoulder to shoulder. The most important leverage in this process is to produce and export. We will reach our targets in 2023, 2053 and 2071 by exporting to our own production and stubbornly. İn

Details of the Top 250 Major Surveys that shed light on the Bursa economy is link can be examined in detail.

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