Body Sector will be opened to the world with UR-GE

Bursa International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which strengthens the export of the city and the competitiveness of the companies with its 13 Separate International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) project carried out in different sectors, has started the project works for the bodywork sector. BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Burkay, who spoke at the meeting and presentation of the project, stated that they had to export as business world, and said, Başkan With UR-GE projects, we are directing our companies to export. Our aim is to ensure that our sector representatives act in harmony in their export journey. Ama

the maximum number of positions in institutions conducting the UR-D projects in Turkey is preparing to add another one to the BCCI project. BTSO, which started to work on the bodywork sector for the sub-sectors of the automotive industry, hosted a project presentation and consultation meeting organized with the participation of sector representatives. BTSO Board of Directors Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, BTSO Council Member Haluk Sami Topbaş and company representatives attended the meeting held at BTSO Altıparmak Service Building.


BTSO as members of the global arena in order to grow their business in order to realize important projects that President Burkay, the Ministry of support provided by the Ministry of Humanity 13 separate UR-GE project achieved significant successes, he said. Burkay stated that they pioneered the opening of the sectors to the world through institutionalization studies and international promotional activities within the scope of the projects. .


After removing the limitations that inform the new UR-D projects they start to work for the president Burkay, "we are the most specialized institutions in Turkey as UR-D Room. Our goal is to reach the total 20 UR-GE project and maximize the export potential of our sectors. In this context, we are planning to implement our UR-GE project for the companies operating in the bodywork sector, which are among the sectors with high added value. Bu


Bursa bodywork sector in Turkey is one of the leading cities and a large number of talented companies operating in the sector Burkay President pointed out that there was a great opportunity for the industry stressed that the URA-D support. Stating that they had to export as a business world, Burkay continued his speech: ihracat We have big competitors in the international arena. At this point, we act as the interface of the Chamber and enable our sector representatives to act in harmony in the export journey. Our partners will be much more competitive in international markets with our common mind, common vision and common strategy. Ortak


Muhsin Koçaslan, Board Member of BTSO, stated that the Ministry of Industry has provided 4,5 in total in order to be used in activities such as training, consultancy, overseas marketing and purchasing committees within the scope of UR-GE projects. Noting that the bodywork is a sector that special craftsmanship and mastery, Koçaslan pointed out that European Union countries could be an important market for the companies operating in the sector. BTSO Council Member Haluk Sami Topbaş stated that the UR-GE project should be realized as soon as possible in order to make the sector a power union and become a brand in the world.

The meeting ended after company representatives gave their opinions.

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