It is calculated that 50 thousand ships will pass through Kanal Istanbul annually

It was learned that while the efforts for Kanal Istanbul, which was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2011 and included in the 100-Day Action Plan, the authorities of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure are working on alternatives that will make the ship transitions attractive. Accordingly, in order to encourage passages through the Canal Istanbul, the wages for the waiting time and the pilotage services provided will be reduced, given to ships currently passing through the Bosphorus and berthing Turkish coasts. In this application, priority will be given to ships carrying heavy loads and ships carrying dangerous goods.

According to the information obtained from the Ministry of Transport officials, while working on the channel EIA and survey project on Kanal Istanbul, a new model is being worked to encourage the passage of the ships through the Bosphorus. Currently, approximately 60 percent of the ships passing through the Turkish straits pass through the foreign port to the foreign port without a haunt. 40 percent of the ships consist of ships traveling from the foreign port to the Turkish port or from the Turkish port to the foreign port. In this case, waiting time for an anchor is required for the ships and it is charged. In addition, a fee is charged by providing piloting service to ships passing through the straits.

Following the first 100-day action plan announced by President Erdoğan recently, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization started the preparation of 1/100 thousand scale plans for Kanal Istanbul, while the tender preparations were accelerated. As a result of the works, the project stakeholders will soon make a presentation to President Erdoğan. While the canal depth is planned as approximately 25 meters, the fuel tanker 275 meters long and 48 meters wide is expected to carry a maximum load of 145 thousand DWT.

With this practice, the ministry, which aims to reduce ship traffic in the Bosphorus, will make passages from Kanal Istanbul even more attractive. While 150-160 ships are planned to pass through the channel per day, it is calculated that the number of ships passing annually will exceed 50 thousand.

Source: BARIŞ ŞİMŞEK - is



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