Akçaray, 7 Day 24 Under Hour Surveillance

It was put into service by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and was Akçaray is operated by thousands of passengers every day. The Metropolitan Municipality also takes security measures to prevent the occurrence of grievances in Akçaray, where citizens are interested. 7 day 24 hour with control center and cameras is being kept under control in the tram line for the safety of passengers and easy access to the line.


The Akçaray tram line route is followed by the 160 HD camera, while the total number of 144 cameras in the trams is transmitted to the control center. In the control center, the images falling on the screens by the staff are monitored in an instant and possible mishaps are intervened immediately. In addition, information and images are shared with law enforcement officers on all other incidents that are on the tram route. Images are being archived with 30 days. By violating the rules, vehicles entering the tram line are identified and sent to the relevant authorities for criminal proceedings.


With SCADA, a comprehensive and integrated data-based control and monitoring system, the tram's high voltage system is also monitored and controlled. When night work is done, the electricity of the relevant region is cut by the scada operator and safe maintenance and malfunction work is performed. The trams' electricity is monitored by means of a scada system.


In accordance with the OHS rules of all institutions and legal entities who will work on the tram line, Transportation Park A.Ş. The work needs to get the document from the office to allow. Non-documented works are identified by the control center and the necessary interventions are done instantaneously.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:10

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